Instructions for {{Imdb?}}
{{imdb?}} is for flagging up individual IMDb links which seem to point to a different person than the subject of the article on which {{imdb}} or {{imdb name}} have been placed.


Usage is extraordinarily simple. After an instance of {{imdb}} or {{imdb name}}, simply place {{imdb?}}. For instance if you type this:

{{imdb name|id=0999383}}{{imdb?}}

you'll get:

Generally, however, this template should be used only when there's a genuine question of mistaken identity. Maybe the link goes to a person who's got a middle name by which she wasn't credited on Doctor Who. Maybe you're writing an article on a minor crew member on The Sarah Jane Adventures, but the IMDb link takes you to a person who has the exact same name, but all their credits on IMDb are American. These are the sorts of cases for which this template was designed.

If it's just that the id number is wrong, please take the time to find the correct id number — by doing a simple IMDb search — and change it.


When pages have this template applied, they are automatically placed into category:Articles with questionable IMDb links.