Instructions for {{ImageLinkWC}}
See Template:ImageLinkTV for an understanding of the basic philosophy behind this template. Most of the time, however, you simply place {{ImageLinkWC}} on the story page and the category page and walk away. Super-easy. The only complicated bit is how to handle those handful of webcasts that have something more than just (webcast) as their dab term.

For instance, what do you do when you encounter something with a dab like (BBC webcast)?

Easy. You place the following on both the story page and the category page:

{{tlx|ImageLinkWC|BBC }}

Note that the single space between "BBC" and the closing curly braces is required.

Template classification[]

This template is deliberately classified as "unknown" so that it will show up on a variety of devices, including phones. This is different from the policy used for the similar-looking stub tags, which we class as "notice" templates.