Instructions for {{ImageLink}}
{{ImageLink}}} places a link on the top of pages to the image category associated with the subject of that page. It's related to {{ImageLink}}, but works for people and things. It assumes that the category to which you want to link will have the same name as the page you're putting it on.

For instance, on the page Fourth Doctor, you can just place {{ImageLink}}.

However, because the title for the category associated with images of Susan Campbell is actually Susan images, you'd need to specify all the words that come before "images" in the category name.

Thus, on the page Susan Campbell, you'd need to type {{ImageLink|Susan}}.

Template classification

This template is deliberately classified as "unknown" so that it will show up on a variety of devices, including phones. This is different from the policy used for the similar-looking stub tags, which we class as "notice" templates.

See also

  • {{ImageLinkTV}}, a similar template for images from particular televised stories
  • {{ImageLinkComics}}, for images from particular comic stories
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