Instructions for {{First pic}}
{{First pic}} is a template that allows you to make the first image on a page the same size as an infobox image, without having to use an infobox.

When to use[]

This template should only be used on pages that have one image, or on pages where an infobox is impracticable. The only proper context for this template is at the very top of a page.

The Fifth Doctor looking suave in his glasses.

If a page has an infobox, please do not use this template. Generally speaking, T:THUMB applies to most images on this wiki. That is, image sizes should not be defined at all.

How to use[]

Usage is simple. At the very top of the page type:

{{first pic|DavisonWIthGlasses.jpg|The [[Fifth Doctor]] looking suave in his [[glasses]].}}
which will give the image you see at right.