Instructions for {{Daydab translator}}
{{Daydab translator}} is a kind of cousin to {{daydab}}. It looks at the title of a page, focuses on the dab term, and then returns a text statement that corresponds to the dab term. So, for instance, if it's placed on 1 January, it'll return "in the DWU", because it sees that there's no dab term present.

It is meant for use within templates only, but it may or may not end up being used. Still, it could potentially be used to replace {{DayNavLateral}} altogether since it can be made to return any text based upon whatever it discovers as the PAGENAME.


As of June 2013, it differentiates between pages that have no dab terms (1 September, for instance) and these three dab terms:

  • (people)
  • (production)
  • (releases)

Current value

On this page, which is not the best test of its power, the returned result is:

in the DWU

because, of course, it finds no dab term at all here.

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