Instructions for {{Dated maintenance category}}
This template adds a category or dated category to a page. It will add the page to an optional additional category. If the dated category is invalid it will add the page to Category:Articles with invalid date parameter in template


  • Parameter 1: Default category name (without Category) - the category if there is no date, but also the stem of the category name when there is a date..
  • Parameter 2: Preposition (from, since, in, as of).
  • Parameter 3: Date (month year, e.g. May 2020. Usually the "date" parameter of the calling template {{{date|}}}.
  • Parameter 4: Category all the articles go in, dated or not (if there is one).
  • Parameter 5: Alternative default category, used when parameter 1 is right for forming the dated category, but the undated items need to go somewhere else.


The parameter onlyarticles ({{Dated maintenance category}} only) is used for template design, restricting the function of this template to article namespace (as in {{DMCA}} ).


  • {{DMCA|Dutch mathematicians}} is the straight category :Category:Dutch mathematicians.
  • {{TDMCA|type="Tolkien"|Articles to be split|from|{{{date|}}}|All articles to be split}} will categorise as in the above example but also in :Category:Tolkien articles to be split if it exists. If it doesn't the page will be added to the hidden :Category:Articles with tags with unsupported types.


An incorrect date is any date which is not of the form May 2020, e.g. May 28, 2020, or june instead of June, or other spelling mistakes.

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