Instructions for {{Dai}}
{{dai}} — which stands for dab away italics — is a little template that's used by other templates to check for disambiguation terms, strip them, and then pass a linked, italicized version. Because most infoboxes render italics through the infobox code itself, the most useful place for this template is within SMW templates and tables — which do not automatically render italics.

Its most common use would probably be in the listing of a person's credits.

For instance, if you wanted to list all of cinematographer Stephan Pehrsson credits, you'd create a simple list by doing the following:

{{#ask: [[DOP::Stephan Pehrsson]]
| format = ul
| link = none
| template= dai

This would result in:

If you just used {{da}}, the standard form of this template, you'd get a linked, but un-italicized, version of the story title.

See also

  • {{da smw}} for a specialised version used in some very specialized SMW circumstances