Instructions for {{Cite web}}
This template is used to cite web-based sources, it is based on the Wikia Templates - Template:Cite, which itself is based Template:Cite web at Wikipedia.

To cite something using this template it must be included within <ref> </ref> tags, and the {{reflist}} must be included under the == Footnotes == subheading on the page.

Explanation of fields

In case you have not used this template before, or come across it on Wikipedia, here's a quick explanation of what each of these fields are for.

{{cite web
| url= This is for the full url of the website source. 
| title= Title of the online source to which the url is related.
| accessdate= Date you accessed the site. Note. You can use this parameter or use the two parameters below. 
| accessmonthday= Month and day of access
| accessyear= Year of access
| author= Author or cited site. You can just fill in this or use the last and first parameters below.
| author last name= Author's last name.
| author first name= Author's first name
| authorlink= Link to author's website
| coauthors= Any coauthors
| date of source= Date listed on the source
| year of source= Year of source
| month of source= Month of source
| format= Is the source a PDF, HTML, Video etc
| website name= Name of the site or if none listed its domain name (omit the www. part)
| publisher= Name of the entity that controls or owns the site.
| pages= Enter a number if the page is broken into numbers. Use only a number.
| language= If citation is in a language other than English
| archiveurl= If cited source is archived put the archived link here
| archivedate= Date of archive.
| quote= Choice quote from source.

Required parameters

  • url: URL of online source.
  • title: Title of online source.


Basic citation

Use this when little is known aside from the site's url, title, date listed on the source and the website's overall name.

{{cite web |url= |title= |date of source= |website name= |accessdate=}}

Basic citation with author

Use this when the author of the source being cited is known.

{{cite web |url= |title= |author= |date of source= |website name= |accessdate=}}

Basic citation with author and coauthor

Use this when there is more than one author for the source.

{{cite web |url= |title= |author= |coauthors= |date of source= |website name= |accessdate=}}

All parameters

Any of the parameters below can be added to the citation template, you may use any or all of them. The arrangement can remain as laid out below or can be used horizontally as above.


  • url and title must be used.
  • archiveurl and archivedate must be used together.
{{cite web
| url= 
| title= 
| accessdate= 
| accessmonthday= 
| accessyear= 
| author= 
| author last name= 
| author first name=  
| authorlink= 
| coauthors= 
| date of source= 
| year of source= 
| month of source= 
| format= 
| website name= 
| publisher= 
| pages= 
| language= 
| archiveurl= 
| archivedate= 
| quote= 

Full copyable horizontal

{{cite web |url= |title= |accessdate= |accessmonthday= |accessyear= |author= |author last name= |author first name= |authorlink= |coauthors= |date of source= |year of source= |month of source= |format= |website name= |publisher= |pages= |language= |archiveurl= |archivedate= |quote=}}

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