Brother Tempika was amember of the Temple of Tordos on the planet Lobos.

As all brothers, he was human. In secret from them, he was in love with Jaya, a daughter of a human and a loba, a kind of alliance strictly prohibited by his church. He was feeding information to the rebels, led by Jaya's father Pry. At the same time, he pretended to have a spy in the rebel ranks and fed misinformation to the church.

When the Thirteenth Doctor and her "fam" visited Lobos for the second time, he befriended Ryan Sinclair and even took him to a meeting with Jaya, disguised as an elderly loba spy. He later saved Ryan from prison, when Mykados ordered to arrest the TARDIS crew.

After the lies of the Temple have been discovered, the Doctor assigned him and Jaya to oversee the new cooperation between the church and the rebels.

Six hundred years later, King Tempika and Queen Jaya became popular fairytale characters. (PROSE: The Good Doctor)

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