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Temmosus, reverently known as Temmosus the Wise, (PROSE: The Secret Lives of Monsters) was the leader of the Thals on Skaro.

Biography Edit

Temmosus led the Thals to find the Dalek City due to the threat of starvation caused by the ceasing of the rains. He hoped that the Dals would provide them with food and that the two races could work together to rebuild Skaro to restore it to the paradise it once was. Despite Alydon's reservations, Temmosus accepted the Daleks' invitation into the city for food and led the Thals into the city, believing that a new era of peace and cooperation with the Daleks awaited them.

Temmosus marched with the Thals into the hall prepared for them by the Daleks, laden with food, curious as to why none of the Daleks were present but still suspecting nothing. The Daleks were hiding in the nearby alcoves and, as the Thals filled their bags with food, they emerged and ambushed them. Temmosus was the first Thal upon whom the Daleks fired, even as he still pleaded for peace. (TV: The Daleks)

Personality Edit

Like the rest of the Thals, Temmosus was a pacifist. He was naïve and trusting of the Daleks, which led to his death. (TV: The Daleks)

Behind the scenes Edit

Temmosus is the first character exterminated by the Daleks on-screen. However, chronologically, the first victim of the Daleks in-universe is Ronson, in the television story Genesis of the Daleks.

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