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The Telos Doctor Who novellas were a series of shorter Doctor Who adventures published by Telos Publishing between 2001 and 2004. The series was licensed by the BBC, even though BBC Books was at the time also publishing two lines of Doctor Who fiction: the Eighth Doctor Adventures and the Past Doctor Adventures.

Each novella was published in two formats: standard hardback and deluxe hardback. The BBC's licence specifically allowed only hardback releases, although following further negotiations two of the novellas were reprinted in trade paperback (as opposed to the standard paperback format used by BBC Books). Deluxe editions were also published, were often autographed by the author and/or an actor from the TV series; the deluxe edition of Nightdreamers was signed by the author, the illustrator, and actress Katy Manning, who wrote the foreword and whose character Jo Grant appears in the book.

Blum and Orman's novella Fallen Gods won the prestigious Aurealis Award for best Australian science fiction book.

Characters from the novella The Cabinet of Light were spun off into the Time Hunter series of novellas by Telos.

Each of the first eight incarnations of the Doctor were featured in at least one release, with two releases - The Cabinet of Light and The Dalek Factor - featuring unspecified incarnations of the Doctor.

The series was discontinued in 2004 as BBC Books prepared to launch a new series of books tying in with the series revival. In 2006, BBC Books launched Quick Reads, a new series of novella-length adventures.


Title Author Doctor Companion(s) Featuring Published
Time and Relative Kim Newman 1st Susan Ian, Barbara 23 November 2001
Citadel of Dreams Dave Stone 7th Ace 28 March 2002
Nightdreamers Tom Arden 3rd Jo 15 May 2002
Ghost Ship Keith Topping 4th 22 August 2002
Foreign Devils Andrew Cartmel 2nd Jamie, Zoe Thomas Carnacki 23 November 2002
Rip Tide Louise Cooper 8th 31 January 2003
Wonderland Mark Chadbourn 2nd Ben, Polly Fourth Doctor 24 April 2003
Shell Shock Simon A. Forward 6th Peri 19 May 2003
The Cabinet of Light Daniel O'Mahony Unspecified Doctor Honoré, Emily, Mestizer 10 July 2003
Fallen Gods Jonathan Blum, Kate Orman 8th 25 September 2003
Frayed Tara Samms 1st Susan 20 November 2003
The Eye of the Tyger Paul McAuley 8th 20 November 2003
Companion Piece Robert Perry, Mike Tucker 7th Cat 18 December 2003
Blood and Hope Iain McLaughlin 5th Peri, Erimem 19 February 2004
The Dalek Factor Simon Clark Unspecified Doctor Daleks 18 March 2004

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