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Telephone box

Susan Hamilton approaches a telephone box in the night. (PROSE: The Monster of Loch Crag)

A telephone box, also known as a telephone booth, (TV: Delta and the Bannermen) telephone kiosk, (TV: Time-Flight, Last Christmas) public call box, (TV: Rose) or call box, (COMIC: The Secrets of the Tardis) was a small building which featured a telephone. Following a stopover in 1963 London, the Doctor's TARDIS was stuck with the exterior shape of a telephone box, specifically a police box, due to a malfunction in its chameleon circuit. (TV: "The Cave of Skulls")

A telephone box, labelled "Тakcoфoh", was found in the mock Soviet town of Краснодар in 1980. (TV: Before the Flood)

In one alternate universe, the Doctor's TARDIS was disguised as a red telephone box. Due to the use of the Continuity Cap, this TARDIS swapped places with the TARDIS of the prime Tenth Doctor, although this was later undone. (COMIC: The Continuity Cap) The Master's TARDIS took the form of a telephone box whilst outside of 107 Baker Street. (AUDIO: Eyes of the Master)

In a dream of the newborn Paul Magrs, Dr Oho had a public call box as the centre-piece of his party. At the end of the party, he and a some of his guests got inside it and disappeared. (PROSE: In the Sixties)

A blue telephone box with a rounded shape and green windows existed at the corner of Churchill Street and Kruschev Avenue in Unity City by 2065. (COMIC: Zodiac Makes An Arrest)

The title characters of the film Bill and Ted used a "flying telephone box" to travel through time. The Eighth Doctor expressed fondness for it, wishing he could have one for himself. (PROSE: Father Time)

Behind the scenes[]

References in invalid sources[]

A telephone box in a street in New York City. (NOTVALID: Endless Awesome)

At least 2 telephone boxes were present on a street in New York City within which Kai rode the Mystery Machine, which was converted into the Mystery Tow & Go, and then into the Mystery Monster. (NOTVALID: Endless Awesome)