In April 2010 BBC Audio arranged to have a set of seven promotional CDs included with The Daily Telegraph. Included in the set were two new audio stories from the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, plus a few gems of old audio adventures from the 1970s and 1980s.

The first disc, offered on a Saturday, shipped with copies of The Daily Telegraph on 24 April, 2010. The second disc came bundled inside The Sunday Telegraph.

For following five weekdays, The Daily Telegraph included a voucher that the recipient had to take to their local WH Smith store. The store would either give the CD directly, or give a token for the disc to be mail ordered.

The Discs Edit

# Date Name Featuring Cover
1 Sat 24 April The Runaway Train 11th Doctor, Amy Runaway Train Telegraph cover
2 Sun 25 April Pest Control part 1 10th Doctor Pest Control Pt1 Telegraph cover
3 Mon 26 April Pest Control part 2 10th Doctor Pest Control Pt2 Telegraph cover
4 Tue 27 April Slipback 6th Doctor, Peri Slipback Telegraph cover
5 Wed 28 April Exploration Earth 4th Doctor, Sarah Jane Exploration Earth
6 Thu 29 April Genesis of the Daleks 4th Doctor, Sarah Jane Genesis of the Daleks Telegraph cover
7 Fri 30 April Mission to the Unknown (no Doctor) Mission to the Unknown Telegraph cover

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