Tegan Jovanka was a companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors, and a temporary companion to the First Doctor during the Game of Rassilon in the Death Zone.

She was an Australian air stewardess trainee who wandered into the Doctor's TARDIS seeking help when she mistook it for a genuine police box. She quickly became embroiled in the events surrounding the Doctor's regeneration and found herself a somewhat unwilling passenger of the Fifth Doctor, as he failed to successfully return her to her proper time and place. Tegan was one of the few companions to have parted company with the Doctor and then return for a significant number of adventures.

She was joined in her travels at various times by Adric, Nyssa, Marc, Turlough, Kamelion and, briefly, the Brigadier. She played the Game of Rassilon in the Death Zone on Gallifrey, where she also met the First, Second and Third Doctors, along with Susan Foreman and Sarah Jane Smith.

Tegan's relatively long tenure of service onboard the TARDIS belied an ambivalence about travel with the Doctor. Even through her final glimpse of the TARDIS, she vacillated between wanting to stay and wanting to go.

She was one of the few human companions of the Doctor to be able to pilot the TARDIS; although she was only successful once and this was by pressing random buttons on the console.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Young Tegan

Tegan as she appeared as a child. (TV: Mawdryn Undead)

Tegan was born in Brisbane on 22 September, 1960 (AUDIO: The Gathering) to Bill (PROSE: Divided Loyalties) and Joy Jovanka. (PROSE: Qualia) She had several brothers, (PROSE: Qualia) at least one of whom was younger than her, and she was Jewish. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties) Her father's parents, Mjovic and Sneshna Jovanka, were Serbian and emigrated from Yugoslavia to Australia, (PROSE: Cold Fusion) but had returned to their homeland by 1981, (PROSE: Divided Loyalties) whilst her maternal grandfather, Andrew Verney, was British. (TV: The Awakening)

Her extended family included her mother's siblings Vanessa (PROSE: Qualia) and Richard Frazer, who was married to Felicity and had two sons; Colin and Michael. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties) Tegan called Colin her favourite cousin. (TV: Arc of Infinity) She also had other cousins who worked in blast-mining in Australia. (AUDIO: The Contingency Club)

Tegan lived on a cattle farm when she was young, describing it as being as far away from civilisation as it could be. (AUDIO: Psychodrome) She was living on a sheep farm owned by her father by the early 1970s, (PROSE: Logopolis, AUDIO: The Butcher of Brisbane) which her father let her drive around in a tractor when she was ten. She was a natural driver but preferred aeroplanes, being allowed to fly her father's Cessna when she was older. (PROSE: Logopolis) When she was a child, her mother took her to a corroboree, which gave her a recurring nightmare of strange white figures coming out of the dark. (AUDIO: Psychodrome) She spent time in Caloundra, north of Brisbane. (PROSE: The King of Terror)

Tegan went to high school with Mike Bretherton, who lived next door to her in Brisbane. They were taught physics and chemistry by Miss Anderson. In 1975, when she was fifteen, she broke her toe during track and gym, so Mike carried her books home for her. (AUDIO: Hexagora) She learnt how to dance the Charleston for a school play. (TV: Black Orchid) She went to college (AUDIO: The Lady of Mercia) and studied foreign languages and Aboriginal culture, wanting to broaden her horizons and see the world. To that end, she spent most summers abroad, visiting Hong Kong in 1979. (PROSE: Cold Fusion)

In 1981, Tegan moved from Brisbane to London to pursue a career as an air stewardess, (TV: Logopolis) which she believed would be a "glamorous something to do". (PROSE: When It Was Fun) She stayed with Vanessa, who told her that she should give up her job should it ever stop being fun. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks) According to one account, her father died later that year. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties)

First adventures in the TARDIS Edit

Joining the Doctor Edit

On 28 February, 1981, Vanessa agreed to drive Tegan to Heathrow Airport for her first day as an air stewardess. The car broke down in the London Borough of Barnet, prompting Tegan to wander into the TARDIS in search of help. The Fourth Doctor and Adric took off without knowing that Tegan was aboard, taking her to Logopolis. After they told her of the Master's murder of Vanessa using his Tissue Compression Eliminator, she helped them stop the Master's plans and the entropy he unleashed.

After the Master was defeated, Tegan witnessed the Doctor's fall and regeneration into his fifth incarnation. (TV: Logopolis) Knowing that the new Doctor needed a "responsible adult" to help him recover, and seeing herself as the only real candidate next to Adric and Nyssa, (PROSE: When It Was Fun) she helped get him back to the TARDIS and took off, going to Castrovalva where he recovered from his regeneration and they thwarted the Master again. (TV: Castrovalva)

Although the Doctor gave her a bedroom aboard the TARDIS, (AUDIO: Psychodrome) Tegan wanted to be taken to Heathrow and continued to wear her uniform to remind the Doctor and herself of the fact. (PROSE: When It Was Fun)

Getting to Heathrow Edit

After leaving Castrovalva, the TARDIS materialised on the Psychodrome where she was faced with her childhood nightmare about Aboriginal dancing. She also learnt that she had a subconscious grudge against the Doctor due to associating him with Vanessa's death. (AUDIO: Psychodrome) Three days after Logopolis, they landed on Scientifica where she met Chris Cwej, whose fake Australian accent annoyed her, calling it racist. (PROSE: Cold Fusion) They later landed on Isopterus where they faced giant termites (COMIC: On the Planet Isopterus) and on 1950s Earth, where she told Edward Grainger about Australia. (PROSE: First Born)

On Monarch's ship, Tegan sketched a man and woman for him which he used for the Minister of Enlightenment and the Minister of Persuasion's humanoid forms. The Doctor gave her a TARDIS key in the event that she was separated from the others. (TV: Four to Doomsday) After the TARDIS landed on Deva Loka, Tegan accidentally fell asleep at the place of shared dreams, allowing the Mara to enter her mind and possess her until it left her for Aris, a Kinda, after which it was seemingly destroyed using mirrors. (TV: Kinda)


Tegan under the influence of the Mara. (TV: Kinda)

Another attempt to get Tegan to Heathrow resulted in the TARDIS landing in 1666 London where they faced the Terileptils, one of whom she hit with a gun. (TV: The Visitation) After escaping the Great Fire of London, the Celestial Toymaker attempted to turn them against one another, trying to do so with Tegan by showing her her father's funeral. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties) In the 11th century, Czar U'thai and his warriors tried to kidnap a European village's women, as well as Tegan. (PROSE: The Immortals)

She once argued with Adric and the Doctor when the helmic regulator had been reprogrammed (AUDIO: The Toy) and helped to defeat the Star Men, (AUDIO: The Star Men) the Red Queen (AUDIO: The Contingency Club) and Clarimonde, who mistook her for Jo Grant. (AUDIO: Zaltys)

The first historical figure that Tegan met during her travels was Harry Houdini, whom the Master had convinced that the Doctor was evil. (AUDIO: Smoke and Mirrors) After some time travelling, Tegan confessed to Adric that she had begun to enjoy travelling in the TARDIS and visited Cicero Prime, (AUDIO: Kingdom of Lies) Yorkshire at various points in time (AUDIO: Ghost Walk) and Argentia where she helped solve a murder. (AUDIO: Serpent in the Silver Mask) Tegan, Adric and Nyssa were kidnapped by Adam Mitchell for the Master, but they were saved by various incarnations of the Doctor. (COMIC: In Their Night, Endgame)

Enjoying her travels Edit

Having already admitted to Adric that she was starting to enjoy their adventures, (AUDIO: Kingdom of Lies) Tegan decided that she wanted to stay with the crew for a while and told the Doctor not to continue trying to take her to Heathrow. She strove to prove the Doctor innocent after he was accused of murder at Cranleigh Hall on 11 June, 1925, prior to which she had enjoyed the Cranleighs' party and showed talent at dancing the Charleston. After the adventure, Tegan (TV: Black Orchid) The crew also celebrated Christmas in the TARDIS (PROSE: In the TARDIS: Christmas Day) and arrived on Lemaria during the celebration of another holiday, Freedom Day. (PROSE: The Constant Doctor)

They encountered the Dar Traders on Battlefield, where Tegan cradled Nyssa's body during her three minutes of death. Unbeknownst to Tegan, the Traders had foretold Adric's death. (AUDIO: The Darkening Eye) She helped to defeat the I Predator in 1981. (AUDIO: Iterations of I)

The crew landed on a planet of forests and statues where she argued with Adric, whom a gestalt entity prematurely mourned. (PROSE: Hearts of Stone) During a trip to 2526, she found herself facing the Cybermen for the first time. Adric lost his life when a ship crashed into Earth and Tegan was furious at the Doctor's refusal to go back in time and rescue him. (TV: Earthshock)

Left behind Edit

Finally arriving at Heathrow Airport, albeit it in 1982, Tegan, the Doctor and Nyssa again thwarted the Master, after which the Doctor and Nyssa dematerialised in the TARDIS without Tegan. She ran out of the airport too late to catch them and was upset at having been left behind. (TV: Time-Flight)

Tegan's time as an air stewardess was short-lived after she assaulted an unruly passenger mid-flight, resulting in her being fired during her first year. During this time, she caught the attention of the android Kylex-12, who identified her as a time traveller. The two began a romantic relationship, but Tegan found him over-attentive and broke up with him just as he prepared to propose to her. (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam)

Continued adventures Edit

Rejoining the TARDIS crew Edit

Arc infinity ep3

Tegan in the Matrix with Omega and the Doctor. (TV: Arc of Infinity)

In January 1983, Tegan went to Amsterdam to visit her cousin Colin Frazer, only to find that he had disappeared, having been captured by Omega to lure Tegan to him. He used Tegan as leverage in his plan to create a new body for himself using the Doctor. Once the process was done and had begun to fail, Tegan reunited with the Doctor and Nyssa and watched Omega's defeat before he could revert to anti-matter and destroy Earth. (TV: Arc of Infinity)

Tegan was approached by Kyle, whom she rebuffed before he directed her and the Doctor to a Rembrandt van Rijn exhibit showcasing drawings of spacecraft. At the museum, they encountered the Nix and became aware of Teldek, later learning of Kyle's connection to her. After Teldek's defeat, Kyle accepted that Tegan did not love him and decided to continue living in the hope that he could find someone who would. Before Tegan and Nyssa entered the TARDIS, the Doctor went on a number of adventures without them, returning a few days later for them. (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam) She was annoyed to find that her things had been put in storage. (AUDIO: The Elite)

Travelling by choice Edit

Vampire tegan

Tegan becomes a vampire. (COMIC: Blood Invocation)

After leaving Amsterdam, the Doctor took Tegan and Nyssa to Florana where they came across a Dalek known as the High Priest and Tegan led a band of rebels in what she had wanted to be a bloodless revolution. (AUDIO: The Elite) To recover after Florana, the trio stayed in Brisbane for several days before Tegan found that Mike Bretherton had disappeared. They managed to find him, turned into an insect, and Tegan told him that she had loved him. (AUDIO: Hexagora)

Tegan began having dreams of snakes due to her connection to the Mara. She helped defeat the Dark on Akoshemon's moon,(PROSE: Fear of the Dark) Byzan and Albis on Sirius, (AUDIO: The Children of Seth) Vi'Al, (PROSE: The God Machine) the Voorvolika, (PROSE: The Armageddon Chrysalis) Carnak (PROSE: The Haven) and the Dren. (PROSE: The Penalty)

After returning to Heathrow so that Tegan might meet a friend, the TARDIS crew met and defeated the Master (PROSE: Night Flight to Nowhere) and later saved the universe from a cyclotron. (PROSE: Lackaday Express) In 1896, Tegan attempted to change time slightly but events remained unchanged, just as the Doctor expected. (PROSE: The Sands of Time) They also visited Morestra (PROSE: Zeta Major) the Necropolitan to mourn Adric (PROSE: Wake) and 493 Ravenna. (PROSE: Goths and Robbers)

On an old Earth colony, Tegan was taken prisoner by Anna for company. Tegan managed to escape, after which the Doctor and Nyssa told her that Anna had only been an imprint and not, strictly speaking, real. (PROSE: Soul Mate) Tegan felt left out on F-four because of her lack of scientific knowledge and wandered off, uncovering the truth behind a deadly disease. (PROSE: No Exit)

Tegan and Nyssa asked the Doctor to teach them how to properly fly the TARDIS. (PROSE: Men of the Earth) Under the influence of the Mara, Tegan set the coordinates to Manussa where she attempted to suppress the monster. However, she was unable to and helped it feed on the negative emotions of those at a ceremony celebrating its defeat. The Doctor managed to defeat it and believed himself to have permanently freed Tegan from its possession. (TV: Snakedance) Recovering from Manussa, Tegan, the Doctor and Nyssa went on holiday in Tasmania where they encountered vampires, (PROSE: Goth Opera) just as they later would on Gallifrey. (COMIC: Blood Invocation)

Tegan and Nyssa were chased by Endovorms in the form of lions at Trafalgar Square, (AUDIO: The Lions of Trafalgar) and helped the Doctor defeat the Akunites aboard the HMS Aquitaine. (AUDIO: Aquitaine) Tegan witnessed the Peterloo Massacre and was appalled at the conditions of the factories in Manchester. (AUDIO: The Peterloo Massacre) The Doctor told them that he would take them to the 2012 Olympics but instead landed in 1982, (AUDIO: The King of the Dead) later taking them to Mistpuddle where they solved a murder. (AUDIO: The Mistpuddle Murders)

Marc joins Edit

The Doctor took Tegan and Nyssa to 63 BC Cumae so that he might meet Cicero. The three travellers were put through a series of tests by Tartarus, along with Cicero and his slave Marc, with the latter joining the TARDIS crew after becoming a freedman. Tegan knew of Talos from Jason and the Argonauts. (AUDIO: Tartarus)

On Proxima in the 30th century, Tegan helped defeat Professor Kalu. (AUDIO: Interstitial) In 19th century Ireland, she and Marc tracked down and rescued the Doctor and Nyssa from the Spae Wife and her carnival. She was able to remind Nyssa of who she was in order to remove the Spae Wife's influence. (AUDIO: Feast of Fear)

Landing on Samotis, the TARDIS crew were drafted into the race (AUDIO: Warzone) and eventually came face to face once more with the Cybermen, who partially converted Marc. After restoring his memories, the Doctor left him, Tegan and Nyssa on Carlanna with a great deal of money, feeling guilty over Marc's conversion. (AUDIO: Conversion)

Turlough joins Edit

On Earth, Tegan met two different versions of the retired Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, whom she took a liking to. In contrast, she greatly distrusted Vislor Turlough. When she mistook Mawdryn for the a regenerating Doctor, Tegan was infected with his virus which caused her to age backwards until the Brigadier saved her thanks to the Blinovitch Limitation Effect. Afterwards, Turlough joined the TARDIS crew, something that Tegan was not pleased with. (TV: Mawdryn Undead)


Tegan and Turlough onboard Terminus. (TV: Terminus)

Tegan, Nyssa and Turlough had to come together in the Gardens of the Dead to save the Doctor (AUDIO: Gardens of the Dead) and the two women persuaded the Doctor to save Ophiuchus. (COMIC: Ophiuchus) Thanks to Turlough's sabotage, the TARDIS ended up on Terminus where he and Tegan had to look for Nyssa. After Nyssa was cured of Lazar's disease, she chose to remain and shared an emotional farewell with Tegan. (TV: Terminus)

In 1904 Russia, Tegan and Turlough were separated from the Doctor and boarded a train to St Petersburg, on which they investigated a murder. (PROSE: Gudok) They later encountered the Eternals and Tegan was forced to deal with the unwanted attentions of Marriner, who did not love her so much as want to live vicariously through her emotions. During the same adventure, she saw Turlough turn from evil and reject the Black Guardian. This caused her to warm up to Turlough somewhat. (TV: Enlightenment)

After leaving the Eternals, the TARDIS landed in Buzzard Creek, Arizona in 1905 where they came across a freakshow. (AUDIO: Freakshow) They also met Edward Grainger, whom Tegan had already met in his personal future. (PROSE: Falling from Xi'an)

With Turlough and an older Nyssa Edit

Two days after Nyssa left, Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough arrived on Helheim where they were reunited with Nyssa, fifty years older. They investigated a medical facility attempting to cure Richter's Syndrome, after which Nyssa boarded the TARDIS to go home. However, Tegan pointed out that it would likely be some time before the Doctor managed to get her there. (AUDIO: Cobwebs)

On Chodor in the 28th century, the TARDIS crew uncovered the true origins of the corrupt society, after which they discovered that Tegan was still influenced by the Mara. (AUDIO: The Whispering Forest) The Mara left Tegan and possessed the Doctor before Tegan and Turlough expelled it with a circle of cameras and screens. (AUDIO: The Cradle of the Snake)

Tegan, the Doctor, Turlough and Nyssa went up against the Sontarans, (AUDIO: Heroes of Sontar) Rennol on Vektris (AUDIO: Kiss of Death) and the Rat King in England (AUDIO: Rat Trap) before visiting Calcutta, (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger) Eight slash Q Panenka (AUDIO: The Jupiter Conjunction) and the monkey house of a zoo. (AUDIO: The Monkey House)

The Doctor tried to take the crew to Tegan's father's farm in 1980s Brisbane but a hit by a Zygma beam meant that Nyssa and Turlough were transported to the 51st century whilst Tegan and the Doctor remained in the console room. The two groups managed to find one another and defeat Magnus Greel. (AUDIO: The Butcher of Brisbane) In 2013, Tegan and Turlough were infected by quartz and, at Mulkris's bidding, destroyed Eldrad's ring. (AUDIO: Eldrad Must Die!)

Accidentally arriving in E-Space, Tegan encountered the Marshmen on Adric's home planet of Alzarius (AUDIO: Mistfall) and helped defeat Balancer Skaarsgard on Isenfel. (AUDIO: Equilibrium) The crew also came up against the Sandmen and Tegan was forced to say farewell to Nyssa as she chose to remain behind to power a portal to allow the TARDIS to return to N-Space. (AUDIO: The Entropy Plague)

Adventures with Kamelion Edit


Tegan struggles at the TARDIS console. (TV: The King's Demons)

In 1215 England, Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough encountered the Master and were joined in the TARDIS by Kamelion. (TV: The King's Demons) The Doctor tried to take them to the Eye of Orion, en route to which a phoenix appeared in the TARDIS before the Doctor was able to trick it out. (PROSE: The Bird of Fire) The remains of the Mara in Tegan's mind affected Kamelion and resulted in him being controlled by it for a brief time. (PROSE: Mark of the Medusa)

A few days after Kamelion joined, the crew landed in the Crystal Bucephalus where Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough were arrested for murder. Whilst briefly stranded in the mid-1980s, Tegan met a teenage McDonald's employee named Ace, who would later become a companion of the Seventh Doctor. (PROSE: The Crystal Bucephalus)

Tegan did not trust Kamelion but apologised to Turlough for not having trusted him. She warmed to Kamelion somewhat after adventures at Rastana (AUDIO: Devil in the Mist) and Abertysswg, (AUDIO: Black Thursday) eventually standing up for him in 1984 York. (AUDIO: Power Game) However, after a visit to Makalion Kamelion decided that he was too dangerous to journey out of the TARDIS with Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough and chose to remain within the TARDIS. Despite how Tegan's feelings towards him had somewhat changed, she did not mind Kamelion's decision. (AUDIO: The Kamelion Empire)

Final adventures Edit

The Doctor took Tegan and Turlough to the Eye of Orion to relax. However, she soon was pulled into helping the Doctor and his first three selves complete the Game of Rassilon, as part of a plan by the corrupt Lord President Borusa. Here, Tegan again met the Brigadier, along with Susan Foreman and Sarah Jane Smith. After the Doctor was made Lord President in Borusa's place, Tegan was surprised the Doctor wanted to run from the Time Lords. (TV: The Five Doctors)

Tegan met Peri Brown and Erimem at a cricket match attended by both her and their versions of the Doctor. That night, the three of them got drunk at a pub. (PROSE: Graham Dilley Saves the World)

When her life was being novelised by a colleague of Huxley, the noveliser's prose style reminded her of her Aunt Vanessa. (AUDIO: Ringpullworld)

Tegan goodbye

Tegan says goodbye to the Doctor. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks)

After receiving damage from Sentinel Six, the Doctor landed the TARDIS inside Sea Base 4 in the year 2084, at a time where two power blocs were on the brink of nuclear war. When the Doctor and Tegan were trapped in an airlock with the Myrka, Turlough forced Nilson to open the bulkhead door and ensure their safety. Tegan was taken hostage by the enemy human agent Nilson, but the Doctor blinded him with an ultraviolet converter, saving Tegan. When the Doctor released hexachromite gas into the base to stop the Silurians and Sea Devils from attacking, he asked Tegan and Turlough to give the Silurians oxygen. The Doctor stopped the Silurians from starting a nuclear war between the two human power blocs, but was unable to save any of the humans or reptilian life forms inside the base. (TV: Warriors of the Deep)

Eventually, the carnage of the early phase of the Dalek civil war proved too much for Tegan to bear. She bid an emotional and accusatory farewell to the Doctor and Turlough in London in 1984 and ran off before the Doctor could respond. Even so, she ran back in time to see the TARDIS dematerialise, calling out her goodbyes. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks)

Life after the Doctor Edit

After parting with the Doctor for the second time, Tegan apparently continued working as an air stewardess for some time before returning to Brisbane to take over her father's animal-feed company. (AUDIO: The Gathering)

At some point, Tegan was taken to the Black Archive by UNIT to have her record as a companion of the Doctor taken. Her memories of the visit were subsequently erased and she was sent on her way. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) She was also interviewed by River Song. (PROSE: When It Was Fun)

On 22 September 2006, Tegan was briefly reunited with the Fifth Doctor, who discovered that she had been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour and had at most a year to live. Despite the Doctor's entreaty, Tegan chose to forgo his assistance in treating the tumour. She stated that she wished to remain on Earth, because she was happy with the life that she had. She rekindled her relationship with Michael Tanaka. She had previously ended the relationship because of her tumour. (AUDIO: The Gathering)

According to research conducted by Sarah Jane Smith, Tegan was, as of 2010, campaigning for Aboriginal rights. (TV: Death of the Doctor)

According to one account, Tegan eventually married William Haybourne, who died when they were both elderly. Tegan had by this point come to believe that her time with the Doctor was just her imagination. She came across a version of the Doctor that she didn't recognise. (PROSE: Good Companions)

According to another account, Tegan and Nyssa entered into a romantic relationship by the time of Sarah Jane Smith's memorial. (WC: Farewell, Sarah Jane)

At Sarah Jane Smith's memorial on a "bright, cold spring day", Tegan and Nyssa discussed Sarah Jane with other guests, and helped fight the Jackals of the Backwards Clock to foil the Trickster's revenge plot. Clyde Langer described the pair as an Australian couple. (WC: Farewell, Sarah Jane)

Personality Edit

Tegan was stubborn, loud and direct, once describing herself as "just a mouth on legs." (TV: Earthshock) While she often bickered with her fellow travellers, her intrinsic honesty and morality proved useful. The Doctor once noted that these qualities made her a good coordinator. (TV: Castrovalva) She was also more likely to detect a threat to the Doctor's safety than her fellow companions. (TV: Castrovalva, Mawdryn Undead)

Of her fellow travellers, she was likely closest to Nyssa, whose controlled nature was in many ways the precise opposite of her own. (TV: Castrovalva) She was indignant at the Doctor's apparent unwillingness to save Adric's life (TV: Earthshock) and genuinely saddened when Nyssa left. (TV: Terminus)

On Deva Loka, Tegan argued with Adric after he suggested she was too weak-minded to defy the Mara and that the ensuing chaos was her fault. (TV: Kinda) However, she also showed concern for Adric's well-being when he was captured and tortured by the Master, (TV: Castrovalva) and grieved for him after his death. (TV: Time-Flight)

Although she despised violence, (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks) she would resort to it under extreme circumstances. When the Master threatened the Doctor in March 1215, Tegan immediately threw a knife at him. (TV: The King's Demons) She also killed a Cyberman in 2526. (TV: Earthshock)

The Doctor often encouraged her to find her inner strength with the words, "Brave heart, Tegan". (TV: Earthshock, Enlightenment, Warriors of the Deep, The Awakening) Although she told him that she found it annoying and asked him never to say it again, he did so on numerous subsequent occasions. (AUDIO: Psychodrome) He saw her saying the phrase back to him as he regenerated. (TV: The Caves of Androzani) On one occasion, Tegan said, "Brave heart" to encourage Nyssa. (AUDIO: The Star Men) She muttered those words to herself after leaving the TARDIS and watching it dematerialise. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks)

Tegan claimed that the Doctor often gave her "half pained, half patronising" looks and later described him as the most annoying man that she had ever met. (AUDIO: Aquitaine) On one occasion, she derisively referred to the Doctor as a "posho". (AUDIO: The Peterloo Massacre)

Adric once described Tegan as being "unreasonably highly strung". (AUDIO: The Toy)

Other information Edit

Tegan spoke one of the many indigenous Australian languages fluently. (TV: Four to Doomsday)

She was a talented artist, sketching the latest fashions on Earth for Enlightenment to see. (TV: Four to Doomsday) On another occasion, she drew a picture of two Cybermen. (PROSE: Lackaday Express)

Before leaving Earth, Tegan had seen Blake's 7. (PROSE: Cold Fusion)

At the age of three, Tegan didn't like ice cream. (TV: Kinda)

In terms of her personal politics, Tegan described herself as "a fully paid up Aussie republican" and "downright Bolshie." (AUDIO: The Children of Seth)

The renegade Time Lady Iris Wildthyme met Tegan (as well as Adric and Nyssa) when she spent Christmas in the TARDIS on one occasion during the Doctor's fifth incarnation. Iris came to dislike Tegan, later describing her as "that shrill Australian woman". (AUDIO: Excelis Dawns)

At one point during her travels with the Doctor, Tegan visited Nocturne. The Seventh Doctor later told his companions Ace and Hex that it was "a particularly lively visit". (AUDIO: Nocturne)

The Doctor once compared Tegan and Turlough to bickering siblings. (AUDIO: Freakshow) On another occasion, Turlough jokingly told Tegan that "stubbornness is one of Australia's greatest exports". (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger)

Nyssa considered Tegan to be her best friend. (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger) Tegan held Nyssa in the same esteem. (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam) Tegan considered Nyssa to be "too good for this world", once expressing a desire to be more like her. (AUDIO: Aquitaine)

The tigress Dawon once referred to Tegan as a "shrieking she-cat". (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger)

The Fifth Doctor used to hide from Tegan in the TARDIS' Cloister Room. (AUDIO: No Place Like Home)

Shortly before his death on 31 December 1926, Major Cyril Haggard referred to Tegan as "an Antipodean harpy". (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger)

After he believed that she had been killed in India on 31 December 1926, the Fifth Doctor told Lady Adela Forster that Tegan was "very dear" to him. (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger)

She believed that her first name was Welsh in origin. (COMIC: The Immortals)

Harry Houdini was the first historical figure whom she met during her travels with the Doctor. (AUDIO: Smoke and Mirrors)

Tegan once told Nyssa that the English were "surly buggers". (PROSE: Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life)

The Eleventh Doctor once described Tegan as "a gobby Australian". (TV: The Crimson Horror)

Two days after she met Adric, Tegan told Nyssa that he "rubbed [her] up the wrong way" and accused him of being condescending and "a male chauvinist". Shortly afterwards, she described the Doctor as an "incompetent lunatic who talks gibberish". (AUDIO: Psychodrome)

Tegan disapproved of blood sports. (AUDIO: Equilibrium)

Tegan was a fan of Talking Heads. (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam)

She disliked modern art. (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam)

Tegan once referred to Adric as "Pyjama Boy". (AUDIO: The Contingency Club)

The Seventh Doctor speculated that the book How To Complain, which Ace found in the TARDIS library, had belonged to Tegan. (PROSE: Last Rites)

Tegan's ex-boyfriend Michael Tanaka told the Fifth Doctor that he believed she was in love with him at one point. The Doctor later asked her about this, but Tegan denied it, laughing at the idea. (AUDIO: The Gathering)

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