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Teddy Sparkles Must Die! was the third short story published in The Missy Chronicles.


Missy isn't exactly cut out to be a 1920s governess, but a wish-granting alien teddy bear will make anything worthwhile.


Esme, Jack, and Peter have gone up to the attic to investigate the quarters of their brand new governess, a woman calling herself Missy. Despite their fear of Missy's wrath and their concerns that she had a hand in the swift resignation of their previous governess, Miss Pratt, the trio of children still decide to investigate the attic, and discover a teddy bear, calling itself Teddy Sparkles. The children are fascinated by the bear, who tells them that he can grant wishes and take them on magical adventures.

The next morning, the children are confronted by Missy about their snooping. To torment them, Missy reveals that she did indeed kill Miss Pratt, showing the children her shrunken corpse, and demands to know what they did with Teddy Sparkles.

Over the next several days, the children use Teddy Sparkles to take many trips around the universe, including to Mars, the Centre of the Earth, and the Moon. But each adventure ends with the children in danger until Missy shows up at the last second to save the day. After their trip to the moon, Missy demands that she decide what their next wishes are to be. She suggests that the three children grow up to become the Head of the Secret Service, the Chair of NATO, and the CEO of Galactico Chemicals. Teddy Sparkles grants this one last wish, and Missy leaves the children.

Over the years, Esme, Jack, and Peter all grow up and begin families of their own and, just as Missy had them wish, they grew up to be the Head of the Secret Service, Chair of NATO, and CEO of Galactico Chemicals. On Christmas Eve in 1962, Missy returns and explains that she planned for the children's wishes to be granted, so she could threaten them to assume control of the world. Terrified, Esme finds Teddy Sparkles in the attic, long neglected, and wishes for him to revert the earlier wishes.

Teddy Sparkles grants this wish and hurls Missy away from the family. The children are horrified to see their spouses and children disappear, as they're transported further and further back in time, eventually arriving in 1925. But the children quickly discover that something is severely wrong, as dinosaur skeletons roam the Earth, dragons are found in London, and statues have come to life.

Missy explains that Teddy Sparkles was unable to fully fix 1925 back to the way it was without dying, and she explains that if time is to go back to the way it was, he must die to do it. Teddy Sparkles, at the pleading of the children, finally agrees, and uses the last of his power to restore everything to the way it was. The children, mourning the loss of their friend, soon discover that one thing was changed: Teddy Sparkles had made Missy known throughout the world as the nicest governess of all time. Horrified, Missy flees 1925, vowing never to return and swearing revenge on Teddy Sparkles with her final words.

The years pass, and once again, the three children grow up and start families, though they are able to choose their own paths this time around. Esme's granddaughter, Jane, visiting for Christmas, opens a parcel to find Teddy Sparkles inside. Delighted at the gift, she doesn't notice her grandmother shocked to see Teddy Sparkles, or Teddy Sparkles winking at Esme once more.


  • Missy
  • Teddy Sparkles
  • Esme
  • Jack
  • Peter
  • Miss Pratt
  • Father
  • Lucy
  • Dinnah
  • Eric
  • John
  • Alan
  • Peter's wife
  • Jack's wife
  • Sweeetshop owner
  • Jane


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