Ted Moss was a member of Maximillian Stael's coven in Fetchborough in the the 1970s.

While wandering the woods there, Leela took him prisoner, holding a knife to his throat. He said he had been sent to cut the verges by the Council. Judging by their strange behaviour, Moss thought the Fourth Doctor and Leela had both escaped from somewhere. He told the Doctor, who offered him a jelly baby, about Fendelman's work at Fetch Priory. Leela released him and they parted.

Later, Moss went into Martha Tyler's cottage and, when Leela also came to the building, he fired his gun at her through the open doorway. Leela pressed herself against he outside of the cottage to avoid harm and, when Moss came to the entryway, she overpowered and disarmed him. Jack Tyler managed to get Leela to give up the gun as she threatened to kill Moss by pretending he had a gun also. When Tyler asked why he was there, Moss said he was looking for Martha, who had something of his, he claimed, that he had paid good money for. Jack said he would get it and told him to leave, which he did, threatening reprisals on Leela as he went out.

When Thea Ransome was prepared for the ritual, Moss was among the members of the coven who gathered in the cellar of Fetch Priory. Ransome was transform into a Fendahl core and set about killing members of the group, with Moss being her first victim, being turned into Fendahleen. (TV: Image of the Fendahl)

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