Doctor Who DVD Files is a fortnightly partwork publication from GE Fabbri Ltd - The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia
One of its regular features is Technology, a series looking at the technology in Doctor Who.

Magazine pages Edit

AN 1 - Antibodies

These creepy robots guarded the Teselecta

AS 1 - Adipose Ships

Take a peek inside the nursery ship that came to Earth.

AS 2 - Adipose Pills

Miss Foster's miracle drug was too good to be true.

BB 1 - Bowie Base One

Take a closer look at this infamous human outpost on Mars ...

BB 2 - Bowie Base One: Life on Mars

Take a look inside the first human outpost on the Red Planet

BE 1 -Bessie

Take a peek under the bonnet of the Doctor's vintage car ...

BY 1 - Byzantium

Take a tour of the starliner that crashed on Alfava Metraxis!

BY 2 - Oxygen Factory

Take a closer look at the 'forest in a bottle on a spaceship'!

CA 1 - Chameleon Arch

Read about this fearsome Gallifreyan gene-rewriting device...

CC 1 - Cryo Chamber

Discover the secrets of Kazran Sardick's fog lake ...

CL 1 - Clockwork Robots

Unmask the SS Madame de Pompadour's mechanical men.

CN 1 – Carrionite DNA Module

Is it witchcraft? Or is it alien DNA replication?

CN 2 - Crystal Ball

The Carrionites used witchcraft to threaten the Earth ...

CR 1 - Crusader 50

Step inside the ill-fated space bus on Midnight...

CS 1 - Chula Ship

Your guide to Captain Jack Harkness' amazing time-ship.

CS 2 - Chula Ambulance

This medical transporter did more harm than good.

CY 1 - Cybus Upgrade

Check out the gruesome secrets of John Lumic's Cybermen.

CY 2 - Cybus Airship

Step aboard a floating palace of the parallel world!

CY 3 - Cybermats

Look beneath the metal skin of these Cyber-bugs!

CY 4 - Cyber-ship

Step into the Cyber-shuttle that landed on Earth!

CY 5 - Cybershades

See what these Cyber-creature look like under their cloaks!

CY 6 - Cyberman

Take a peek under the metal skin of the Cybermen entombed on Telos

CY 7 - Cyber Technology

What are the top five Cyber inventions?

CY 8 - Cyber-earpods

Discover the mind-control secrets of the Cybermen.

CY 9 - Infostamp

Find out how the Cybermen got their knowledge.

CY 10 - Cybermat: Upgraded

The next phase of Cyber technology was not a toy

CY 11 - Cyber Planner

This Cyber hive-mind tried to absorb the Doctor.

CY 12 - Cyber Conversion Unit

The Cybermen had a grisly secret aboard their ship.

DB 1 - Distress Beacon

River Song built this 'timey-wimey' transmitter.

DJ 1 - Dimension Jump

The Preachers had a special method of universe-hopping.

DL 1 - Dalek Saucer

Peel back the outer layers of this devasting spaceship...

DL 2 - Imperial Dalek Shuttle

Step inside the ship that landed in London in the 1960s.

DL 3 - Dalek

Discover the inner workings of the early Daleks.

DL 4 - Dalek Time Travel

Discover the secrets of the Daleks' time-travel technology.

DL 5 - Dalek Crucible

Check out the beating heart of Davros' New Dalek Empire.

DL 6 - Dalek Progenitor

The Daleks are never quite defeated ...

DL 7 - Dalek Nanocloud

Just when you thought you'd seen every Dalek trick in the book ...

DL 8 - Dalek Incubator

Discover Davros' grisly secret on Necros.

DV 1 - Davros's Chair

Take a seat and look at the inner working's of Davros' travel unit.

FB 1 - Family of Blood

The technology of the Family was truly terrifying.

GA 1 - Gangers

Discover the secrets of a creepy 22nd century invention.

GD 1 - Gadget

A closer look at the robot from the ill-fated Bowie Base One.

GM 1 - Genetic Manipulation Device

Look at the inner workings of Professor Lazarus' machine ...

GS 1 - The Game Station

Your in-depth guide to the satellite controlled by the Daleks!

GS 2 - Game Station Robots

We lift the face-plates of the deadly droids and delve inside!

HB 1 - Handbots

Take a closer look at the robots who killed with kindness...

HE 1 - Hesperus

Take a look at the inner workings of this Vinvocci ship

HH 1 - Heavenly Host

Take a look at the inner workings of these angelic-looking robots

IG 1 - Immortality Gate

This Vinvocci device was deadlier than it seemed.

IS 1 - Infospike

Humans of the far future had holes in their heads!

IW 1 - Ice Warrior Armour

Discover the secrets of the Martian battle shell.

JB 1 – Jabe's Scanner

Take a look at Tree People technology from the year five billion

JD 1 - Judoon Translator

Not very good at languages? The Judoon have just the thing ...

JD 2 - Judoon Ship

Get behind the controls of a vast prison ship ...

JS 1 - Jagaroth ship

Check out the interior of this weird, spider-like spacecraft.

K9 1 - K9 Mark ll

Get the inside knowledge on how the Doctor's robotic dog works.

KR 1 - K1 Robot

Get under the skin of the robot who fell in love with Sarah Jane ...

LO 1 - Time Station

Take a look inside this vast piece of Time Lord technology ...

LO 2 - Time Lord Prison Ship

Learn all about a dark secret from the Time War ...

LO 3 - The Gauntlet of Rassilon

The Lord President ruled with an iron fist...

LO 4 - Time Scoop

Discover more about this forbidden Time Lord device.

LO 5 - Time Lord Weaponarys

Discover the military secrets of the Time War.

LO 6 -The Moment

The 'Galaxy Eater' was the Time Lords' ultimate weapon.

LS 1 - Laser Screwdriver

Look at the nuts and bolts inside the master's handy weapon ...

MA 1 - The Master's Technology

The renegade Time Lord had a fearsome arsenal of gadgets.

MC 1 - Max Box

Max Capricorn's personal transport machine was unique.

ME 1 - Mechonoid

Find out more about the awesome firepower of these robots ...

MP 1 - SS Madame de Pompadour

Take a peek at this gruesome spaceship run by Clockwork Robots...

MP 2 Eye Camera

How did a human eyeball end up in a security camera?

MS 1 - Mr Smith

Discover the secrets of Sarah Jane's super computer.

MU 3 - Mummy

Peel back the bandages to find out how these robotic horrors work!

NB 1 - Nerva Beacon

Explore this ill-fated space station from the future.

NC - 1 Nostalgia Trips Cruiser

Would you buy a ticket for this terrifying bus ride?

NW 1 - New New York cars

Get behind the wheel of these futuristic flying vehicles ...

OO 1 Ood Graft

Never let an Ood buy you a drink ...

OK 1 - Osterhagen Key

Martha Jones held the key to doomsday in her hand.

PA 1 - Polyphase Avatron

Look at the inner workings of the pirate captain's wing-man.

PD 1 - Parthenogenesis Detector

Take a closer look at the Doctor's ingenious Adipose tracker

PH 1 - Peking Homunculus

Look at the internal mechanics of the sinister Mr Sin.

PI 1 - Project Indigo

What was the purpose of this top-secret UNIT experiment?

PL 1 - Platform One

Travel to the end of the world in ultimate style and comfort.

PM 1 - Progenation Machine

Discover the future of alien warfare.

PN 1 - SS Pentallian

Step inside the ship that scooped out the heart of a living sun.

PR 1 - Pandorica

Climb inside the strongest prison in the universe.

PS 1 - Psycho-chronograph

The Doctor built this device for psychic Emma Grayling.

PY - 1 Pyrovile pod

Get behind the controls of the pod that made Vesuvius erupt!

RA 1 - Raston Warrior Robot

Discover the secrets of the perfect battle machine.

RI 1 - River Song's Tech

Check out the weapons and gadgets belonging to Dr Song.

RS 1 - Robot Spiders

Take a look inside Cassandra's mechanical creepy-crawlies.

RS 1 - Roboforms

Beware of alien robot mercenaries bearing Christmas gifts.

SB 1 - Sanctuary Base Six

Peek inside the base on Krop Tor where the Ood loyally served!

SC 1 - Sonic Devices

Examine the inner workings of a squareness gun and more.

SC 2 - Sonic Screwdriver

Take a look inside one of the Doctor's handy tools ...

SC 3 - River Song's Sonic Screwdriver

Dig around inside the archaeologist's tool...

SC 4 - Sonic Screwdriver

The early days of the handiest piece of Time Lord tech.

SC 5 - Sonic Pen

Its not only the Doctor that has sonic technology...

SC 6 - Sonic screwdrivers

Check out the toolbox of sonic devices.

SC 7 - Sonic Cane

The Doctor's latest sonic gadget was very smart indeed,

SC 8 - War Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

The 'forgotten' Doctor had his own sonic device.

SC 9 - Eighth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Check out the inner workings of this Gallifreyan tech. SCA 1 - Scaroth's Time Machine

The last of the Jagoroth invented this device.

SEC 1 - Plasmic shell

Learn the secrets of the time travelling police box.

SF 1 - Space Freighter

Step inside the craft that housed thousands of Cybermen!

SH 1 - SS Shadow

Jump onboard the Edwardian yacht that sailed through space!

SK 1 -Shakri cubes

What is the secret behind the 'slow invasion'?

SL 1 - Slitheen Ship

Everyone thought aliens were invading when it crashed into Big Ben!

SM 1 - Smiler

Find out about the inner workings of Starship UK's Smilers.

SN 1 - Sontaran Battle Pod

Step inside the spherical ship for short, stocky aliens!

SN 2 - Sontaran Warship

Take a look inside a fearsome flagship from the shipyards of Sontar.

SN 3 - Sontaran Swagger Stick

Take a closer look at this piece of knock-out alien tech!

SN 4 - Sontaran Clone

Check out the slimy secret's of the Sontaran pool ...

SN 5 - Meson Rifle

The Sontarans used this heavy-duty blaster in their war zones.

SO 1 - The Source

Terraforming was commonplace in the 62nd century.

SP 1 - Species matcher

A gift from the Doctor's godmother came in very handy ...

SU 1 - Silurian Blaster

See the inner core of this formidable weapon...

SU 2 - Silurian Ark

This huge, prehistoric starship was going to crash into Earth.

SU 3 - Hibernation Chamber

The Silurians slept for millions of years ...

SY 1 - Sycorax Ship

Step inside the spaceship the truly rocks!

TC 1 – Tissue Compression Eliminator

The weapon of choice for the early incarnation of the Master.

TD 1 - Welcome To The TARDIS

It looks like a police box but can travel anywhere in time and space!

TD 2 - The TARDIS console (Tenth Doctor's)

Your guide to the controls of the Doctor's amazing ship.

TD 3 - TARDIS Interior

Step into the past and see how the TARDIS used to look.

TD 4 - Chameleon Circuit

Find out more about this broken feature of the TARDIS.

TD 5 - TARDIS console (First Doctor's)

Look at the inner workings of the earliest known TARDIS console ...

TD 6 - TARDIS Defence System

The TARDIS is practically indestructible – find out why and how!

TD 7 - TARDIS Console

Discover the secrets of the Eleventh Doctor's eccentric ship ...

TD 8 - TARDIS console (Eight Doctor's)

Peel back the panels of this steampunk version of the Doctor's console.


Discover the secrets of the time machine's key.

TD 10 - TARDIS Console

Take a look beneath the panels of the Fifth Doctor's console.

TD 11 - TARDIS console

The Eleventh Doctor revamped his time machine ...

TD 12 - TARDIS: Architectual Configuration

Find out how the TARDIS changes its internal shape...

TE 1 - Teselecta

Take a closer look at the time-travelling justice machine.

TO 1 - Toclafane

What is the dark secret of the Master's deadly spheres?

TR 1 - Tribophysical Waveform Macro-Kinetic Extrapolator

Surf's up with Margaret Slitheen's pan-dimensional board!

TS 1 – Torchwood Telescope

This Victorian device did much more than just stargaze ...

TT 1 - SS Titanic

Get onboard the fated spaceship for a technological ride!

TV 1 - Tritovore Translator

Discover the secrets of Tritovore technology.

TW 1 - Timey-Wimey Detector

Take a closer look at the Doctor's makeshift gadget...

VA 1 - Valiant

Read about the massive aircraft carrier that defended Earth.

VL 1 - Validium

The Time Lords invented this deadly 'living metal'.

VM 1 - Vortex manipulator

Check out Captain Jack's amazing time-hopping wristwatch.

VR 1 - Voc Robot

Look inside one of the robots that manned Storm Mine 4

WA 1 - War Machines

These machines invaded 1960s London.

WH 1 - Who-mobile

Get behind the wheel of the Third Doctor's amazing vehicle!

YE 1 – Yeti

An exclusive glimpse beneath the fur of these alien robots ...

ZE 1 - Anti-grav motorbike

The Doctor's motorcycle had a very special feature ...

ZG 1- Zygon Detector

The Tenth Doctor had a machine that went 'ding'!

ZN 1- Z-neutrino Catalyser

Take a closer look at the device that nearly defeated Davros.

Where To File Them Edit

In Issue 2 and Issue 3 subscribers receive a binder and seven coloured divider cards. The Technology pages are filed behind the dark blue dividers.

Like the enemies and allies sections, cards are filed alphabetically in each section according to the letters in the top right corner. For example Cybus Upgrade (CY) will come before TARDIS (TD) in this section.

If a subject has more than one card, it is further broken down by numbers. For example, TD 2 would come immediately after TD 1.

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