Technical Hitch was the Doctor Who back-up strip which appeared in the pages of The Incredible Hulk Presents #5. Like all in the series, it was monochromatic and featured the Seventh Doctor travelling alone at the beginning and end of the story.

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The Doctor finds a man who appears to be losing his grip in a world without other people. It's up to the Time Lord to figure out where everyone is gone and how he can stop the man's mental decline.

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The Seventh Doctor discovers that the human commander of a deep space probe is being fed a perpetual hallucination to help him survive the tedium of long distance space flight. Unfortunately, the programming's gone wrong and there are no other people in the dreams that Admiral Vayle is having. After the Doctor finds a way out of the virtual environment, he tells the controlling computer that Vayle is being driven mad by the lack of companionship. The computer thanks the Doctor for pointing out the "technical hitch", and Vayle's world is soon re-populated with "playmates".

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