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Tears of the Oracle is the twentieth Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures novel.

It is a return to the "main narrative" after the two previous novels, which went down different avenues. Irving Braxiatel, Clarence and Chris Cwej return.

Publisher's summary[]

"Benny, you're ill. Let us help you. We want to help you. Really we do. This paranoia. These delusions. What you've done — it's driven you insane. Nobody wants to hurt you. We're your friends."

On Dellah, the shattered former home of Bernice Summerfield, only the Advanced Research centre survives — the last remnant of the once famous university. But it's under siege from fanatical groups of religious inquisitors, searching for new converts or dangerous heretics.

Benny would have to be mad to go back.

Jason Kane, Bernice's one-time husband and all-time opportunist, has found the ancient remains of the Oracle of the Lost on an obscure planetoid known only as KS-159. Or so he says.

Benny would have to be mad to believe him.

The mysterious Irving Braxiatel is looking for somewhere quiet to house his huge collection of... everything.

Benny would have to be mad to suggest KS-159.

The Oracle of the Lost, legend says, can answer any question. But the cryptic answers she gives are never helpful, and often dangerous.

Benny would have to be mad to reawaken her. Or ask a question. Or believe the answer.

Chapter titles[]

  1. Finale (1)
  2. An Account of a Meeting of the Funding Council of the Colloquian Museum of Ancient Artefacts
  3. Conversations
  4. Faith Healing
  5. Storage Facility X One Nine
  6. Transcript of a Lecture by Professor Edward Watkinson at the Colloquian University (Extract)
  7. Communication
  8. A Plea for Help
  9. Finale (2)
  10. Rescue and Survival
  11. Escape and Death
  12. A Visitor
  13. Jason's Story
  14. Mikelz's Message to Watkinson from the Delfus-Orestes Expedition (Extract)
  15. A Gamble
  16. Arrivals
  17. Extract from the Diary of Bernice Summerfield
  18. Departure
  19. Recollections of Divson Follett
  20. Excavations and Discoveries
  21. The Oracle of the Lost
  22. Finale (3)
  23. Post-Mortem
  24. Mikelz's Second Message to Watkinson (Fragment)
  25. Heat Seeking
  26. Report of Captain Riva Gordenski, Duty Officer Extraction Unit Five, Cavanora System - 11 September, 2515 (Extract)
  27. Links
  28. Gregor's Log (Extract)
  29. Correspondence of Louisa Mikelz (Fragment)
  30. Questions
  31. Merely Players
  32. Diagnosis
  33. Anomaly
  34. Research
  35. Extract from Living Archaeology, the Biography of Edward Watkinson, by Herve Pottle
  36. Conversation
  37. The Oracle's Story
  38. The Ship
  39. Visual Log
  40. Evidence
  41. Guilt
  42. Finale (4)
  43. Discovery
  44. Changes
  45. Answers
  46. Contacts
  47. Paracletes
  48. Personal Journal of Professor Edward Watkinson (Extract)
  49. Personal Journal of Ableet Gorvalis (Extract)
  50. Background Reading
  51. Transcript of Watkinson's Final Lecture (Extract)
  52. Observations and Arrivals
  53. Freedom of Information
  54. Identity Crisis
  55. In the House of God
  56. Confrontation
  57. The Tears of the Oracle
  58. Showdown
  59. Preoccupations
  60. Last Message to God
  61. Data Input
  62. Sanctuary
  63. Simulation
  64. Poisoned Chalice
  65. Finale (5)
  66. Fallout
  67. Question and Answer
  68. Closure


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