A tavern was a business where alcohol and food were sold.

The First Doctor visited a tavern near Rigel during the early years of the Draconian Purges. (PROSE: Byzantium!)

Peri Brown and Erimem worked at the Kingmaker tavern from 1483 to 1485 when they were stranded in London. (AUDIO: The Kingmaker)

Whilst stuck on Yquatine, Fitz worked for a time at Il-Eruk's Tavern. (PROSE: The Fall of Yquatine)

After Socrates punched the Eleventh Doctor, they went to a tavern in Athens where the philosopher apologised. (COMIC: The Chains of Olympus)

The Twelfth Doctor, Lady Me and Sam Swift had a drink at Ye Swan With Two Necks after Me saved Swift from his death. (TV: The Woman Who Lived)

Ellie Higson was a barmaid in the Red Tavern in the 1890s. (AUDIO: The Mahogany Murderers, Jago & Litefoot)

Peri once found a dark and dusty old English tavern while exploring the TARDIS. (PROSE: House)