Tauras, also known as Rexxasalonolan (Rexx for short), was a Time Lord and one of the Adherents of Ohm, a secret society that worshipped Omega.

The first incarnation of Tauras, posing as a representative of the High Council called Rexx, manipulated Celestial Intervention Agency agent Ace into retrieving the Hand of Omega. Hypnotising her into submission, he proceeded with his plan to free Omega from his anti-matter universe. Tauras was shot with a staser by Narvin, triggering his first regeneration.

The new Tauras quickly resumed his plan, forcing Narvin and Ace to accompany him to Omega's universe. He was betrayed by Omega who, lacking a body of his own to escape to the normal Universe in, destroyed Tauras' own mind and took over his body. Leaving Narvin, Ace, Romana, and Lukas behind in his own universe, Omega escaped to the normal universe and, travelling back in time, established himself in Taurus' identity and became Adjutant Coordinator of the Celestial Intervention Agency in a paradoxical effort to ensure his own escape. (AUDIO: Intervention Earth)

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