Tasmanian tiger

The Tasmanian tiger — also known as the Thylacine or, formally, Thylacinus cynocephalus — was a small, doglike, marsupial mammal. According to The I-Spyder Book of Earth Creatures, it had "a smooth brown coat with black or darker brown stripes on its rear." Its tail made up over third of its 160 centimetre length. As with many mammals, males were generally larger than females.

It became extinct due to targeted killing by humans in the 20th century. Natural disease was also a contributing factor to their extinction, which finally occurred in 1936. The last — or, according to Martha Jones, the penultimate — Tasmanian tiger died in captivity at the Beaumaris Zoo. The real last Thylacine was an exhibit at the Museum of the Last Ones.

It had an I-Spyder points value of either 250 or 300 points. (PROSE: The Last Dodo)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The Last Dodo is not consistent in its point value for the Tasmanian tiger, giving it a value of 300 points on its individual entry page, but then a value of only 250 when included in a chart of other animals.
  • Despite the name, the Tasmanian tiger is not a tiger.
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