King Tarquin the Proud was the king of the Roman Kingdom who reigned about one thousand years before 451 AD during the 6th century BC and was the final monarch of his kingdom. During his reign, a Tenctrama acting as a Sibyl came to the King's court and offered to sell him the nine Sibylline books, containing prophecy of the fate of Rome, for an enormous price. When Tarquin refused, she threw three of the books into the fire, and offered the remaining six for the same price. At the King's second decline, the Sibyl threw three more into the flame and once again offered the final three to Tarquin. He acceded, and paid the price in full for the remaining books. Soon after, as predicted by the texts, Tarquin's rule ended and the Senate took control of Rome. Tarquin's acquisition of the Sibylline books paved the way for the formation of the Legion of Smoke.

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