Tarquel was one of the Kolothos Hunt, a group of hunter outlaws from the planet Kolothos.

Skadi was a reluctant part of the Hunt, and risked being disowned by his mother Skadi when he still wasn't yet "blooded". He hated the killings of the exotic creatures the hunters collected, and then released to hunt down for sport. In 1972, one of these creatures was released on Trafalgar Square on Earth and pursued by their hounds. After Skadi and her husband Broteas killed two policemen, Skadi and Tarquel left the unconscious Broteas behind to be arrested, taking Jess and Maxwell Collins with them. Working with Maxwell, Tarquel appeared to be held hostage by Maxwell. This forced Skadi to put her sword down, and led to her being arrested by DCI Jack Hayes. Tarquel then took Skadi and Broteas out of Hayes' custody to bring them to justice on Kolothos for their killings. (COMIC: Bloodsport)

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