The Tarovian neck pinch was a move which Nardole learned from studying Tarovian martial arts. When he used it on Alan, the man was knocked out instantly.

While a skilled Brown Tabard, Nardole could only perform the act with his original right hand and not with his left hand, which was in fact a replacement he had won gambling. (TV: The Lie of the Land)

Behind the scenes Edit

The element of surprise - Doctor Who - The Aztecs - BBC

The element of surprise - Doctor Who - The Aztecs - BBC

Ixta is powerless against Ian's thumb. (TV: The Aztecs)

The move taken by Nardole is very similar to that which Ian Chesterton used in TV: The Aztecs to defeat Ixta quickly in combat, using only his thumb.

The Tarovian neck pinch is likely also a reference to the Vulcan neck pinch from the Star Trek universe, especially since after performing the move, Nardole then remarks "Let's trek on."

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