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The Missing Episodes

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The Target Missing Episodes was a series of novels published by Target Books as a spin-off of their regular Doctor Who novelisations line.

They were novelisations of scripts written for season 23 but never produced due to the decision to proceed with The Trial of a Time Lord story arc instead.

Although more than three stories had been planned for the aborted season, only three were adapted. This spin-off line is notable for including the only Doctor Who novel to be written by series producer Graham Williams.

All three stories were eventually adapted into audio releases by Big Finish Productions for their The Lost Stories range; The Nightmare Fair and Mission to Magnus were both released in 2009 and The Ultimate Evil in 2019.


# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 The Nightmare Fair Graham Williams 6th Peri, Celestial Toymaker 18 May 1989
2 The Ultimate Evil Wally K Daly Peri 17 August 1989
3 Mission to Magnus Philip Martin Peri, Ice Warriors, Sil 19 July 1990

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