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The Missing Episodes

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The Target Missing Episodes was a series of novels published by Target Books as a spin-off of their regular Doctor Who novelisations line.

They were novelisations of scripts written for season 23 but never produced due to the decision to proceed with The Trial of a Time Lord story arc instead.

Although more than three stories had been planned for the aborted season, only three were adapted. This spin-off line is notable for including the only Doctor Who novel to be written by series producer Graham Williams.

Novels[edit | edit source]

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 The Nightmare Fair Graham Williams 6th Peri, Celestial Toymaker 18 May 1989
2 The Ultimate Evil Wally K Daly Peri 17 August 1989
3 Mission to Magnus Philip Martin Peri, Ice Warriors, Sil 19 July 1990

Cover gallery[edit | edit source]

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