Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1990 saw a further decline in new novelisations. Only eight adaptations were published, the overwhelming majority of them Seventh Doctor stories.

Novelisation covers Edit

Reprints and other title covers Edit

Publishing history Edit

MonthTitleWriterCover Artist
JanuaryPlanet of GiantsTerrance DicksAlister Pearson
FebruaryReissue: Doctor Who and the War GamesMalcolm HulkeNew cover: Alister Pearson
FebruaryReissue: Doctor Who and an Unearthly ChildTerrance DicksNew cover: Alister Pearson
FebruaryThe Happiness PatrolGraeme CurryAlister Pearson
MarchThe Space PiratesTerrance DicksTony Clark
JuneRemembrance of the DaleksBen AaronovitchAlister Pearson
JulyReissue: Doctor Who and the Dalek Invasion of EarthTerrance DicksNew cover: Alister Pearson
JulyReissue: Doctor Who - The Mind RobberPeter LingNew cover: Alister Pearson
JulyMission to MagnusPhilip MartinAlister Pearson
AugustGhost LightMarc PlattAlister Pearson
OctoberSurvivalRona MunroAlister Pearson
NovemberThe Curse of FenricIan BriggsAlister Pearson

Publishing notes Edit

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