Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1989 slowed slightly compared to the previous three years. Ten novelisations were offered during the year, with the First and Seventh Doctors getting four apiece, while the Sixth Doctor grabbed the remaining two. The centrepiece of the year was likely the two-volume version of The Daleks' Master Plan.

Also, a couple of the so-called "Missing Episodes" of the original Season 23 made their way into print as well, in an unusual case of novelising something which had never been broadcast.

Novelisation covers[]

Reprints and other title covers[]

Publishing history[]

Month Title Writer Cover Artist
January Delta and the Bannermen Malcolm Kohll Alister Pearson
February The War Machines Ian Stuart Black Alister Pearson and Graeme Way
March Dragonfire Ian Briggs Alister Pearson
April Attack of the Cybermen Eric Saward Colin Howard
May The Nightmare Fair Graham Williams Alister Pearson
June Mindwarp Philip Martin Alister Pearson
July The Chase John Peel Alister Pearson
August The Ultimate Evil Wally K Daly Alister Pearson
September Mission to the Unknown John Peel Alister Pearson
October The Mutation of Time John Peel Alister Pearson
November Silver Nemesis Kevin Clarke Alister Pearson
December The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Stephen Wyatt Alister Pearson
December Doctor Who Programme Guide Volume 1 Jean-Marc Lofficier Alister Pearson

Publishing notes[]

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