Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1987 matched the pace of new novelisations in 1986. It was also the first year since 1973 in which no novelisations of the current Doctor were published. Instead, the First Doctor was featured in the majority of the adaptations that year. Target also produced the first BBC-sanctioned plans of how to build the TARDIS exterior, along with an all-new collection of comic gags by Tim Quinn and Dicky HowettThe Doctor Who Fun Book.

Novelisation covers Edit

Reprints and other title covers Edit

Publishing history Edit

MonthTitleWriterCover ArtistIllustrator
FebruaryBlack OrchidTerence DudleyTony Masero
MarchThe ArkPaul EricksonDavid McAllister
AprilThe Mind RobberPeter LingDavid McAllister
MayThe Faceless OnesTerrance DicksDavid McAllister
JuneThe Space MuseumGlyn JonesDavid McAllister
JuneJunior Doctor Who and the Brain of MorbiusTerrance DicksHarry HantsPeter Edwards
JulyThe SensoritesNigel RobinsonNick Spender
AugustThe Reign of TerrorIan MarterTony Masero
SeptemberThe RomansDonald CottonTony Masero
OctoberThe Ambassadors of DeathTerrance DicksTony Masero
OctoberThe Companions of Doctor Who: K9 and CompanyTerence DudleyAndrew Skilleter
NovemberThe MassacreJohn LucarottiTony Masero
DecemberThe Macra TerrorIan Stuart BlackTony Masero

Publishing notes Edit

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