Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1986 totaled eleven new novelisations. At the time, it was the greatest number printed in a single year. As had become the custom over the previous couple of years, a generous supply of 1960s adventures were provided. In fact, the First Doctor had the plurality of novelisations in 1986.

The year was perhaps most significant, however, for introducing the concept of the "original novel" to Doctor Who publishing. With The Companions of Doctor Who imprint, Target would publish two novels about former companions, in the time after they had travelled with the Doctor. Nothing like them had ever been published, and they paved the way for Doctor Who novels that would come in the next decade.

Novelisation covers Edit

Reprints and other title covers Edit

Publishing history Edit

MonthTitleWriterCover Artist
JanuaryThe GunfightersDonald CottonAndrew Skilleter
FebruaryThe Time MonsterTerrance DicksAndrew Skilleter
MarchThe Twin DilemmaEric SawardAndrew Skilleter
AprilGalaxy 4William EmmsAndrew Skilleter
MayTimelashGlen McCoyDavid McAllister
MayThe Companions of Doctor Who:
Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma
Tony AttwoodTony Masero
JuneThe Mark of the RaniPip and Jane BakerAndrew Skilleter
JulyThe King's DemonsTerence DudleyDavid McAllister
JulyTravel Without the TARDISJean Airy and Laurie HaldemanPhotographic cover
AugustSlipbackEric SawardPaul Mark Tams
SeptemberThe SavagesIan Stuart BlackDavid McAllister
SeptemberThe Companions of Doctor Who:
Harry Sullivan's War
Ian MarterTony Masero
OctoberFury from the DeepVictor PembertonDavid McAllister
NovemberThe Celestial ToymakerGerry Davis and Alison BingemanGraham Potts
DecemberThe Seeds of DeathTerrance DicksTony Masero

Publishing notes Edit

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