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Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1985 was highly varied. Every Doctor up to the Sixth had at least one story adapted — except for the Fourth. In particular, it marked the first time that wholly missing First Doctor serials had been adapted.

Novelisation covers[]

Reprints and other title covers[]

Publishing history[]

Month Title Writer Cover Artist
January Planet of Fire Peter Grimwade Andrew Skilleter
February The Caves of Androzani Terrance Dicks Andrew Skilleter
April Marco Polo John Lucarotti David McAllister
May The Doctor Who Monster Book Terrance Dicks Chris Achilleos
June The Awakening Eric Pringle Andrew Skilleter
July The Mind of Evil Terrance Dicks Andrew Skilleter
September The Myth Makers Donald Cotton Andrew Skilleter
October The Invasion Ian Marter Andrew Skilleter
October The Third Doctor Who Quiz Book Nigel Robinson
November The Krotons Terrance Dicks Andrew Skilleter
December The Two Doctors Robert Holmes Andrew Skilleter

Publishing notes[]

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