Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1984 was aggressive. Though dominated by tales of the Fifth Doctor, the first three Doctors returned to the range. It was an especially good year for the Second Doctor, who had two new adaptations.

Novelisation covers[]

Reprints and other title covers[]


Publishing history[]

Month Title Writer Cover Artist
January Mawdryn Undead Peter Grimwade Photographic Cover
March Kinda Terrance Dicks Photographic Cover
April Snakedance Terrance Dicks Andrew Skilleter
May Enlightenment Barbara Clegg Andrew Skilleter
July The Dominators Ian Marter Andrew Skilleter
August Warriors of the Deep Terrance Dicks Andrew Skilleter
September The Aztecs John Lucarotti Nick Spender
October Inferno Terrance Dicks Nick Spender
November The Highlanders Gerry Davis Nick Spender
December Frontios Christopher H. Bidmead Andrew Skilleter

Publishing notes[]

  • After two years of using photographic covers for the Fifth Doctor novelisations, Target resumed the use of artistic covers for that Doctor's era (made possible by simply omitting the Doctor from the artwork).