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Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1979 was entirely of Fourth Doctor adaptations, save for the seminal novelisation of The War Games. It was thus the first year that the Third Doctor had been ignored by Target since 1973. Target also made its first attempt at novelisations specifically aimed at younger readers, with the book Junior Doctor Who and the Giant Robot.


No. Title Author Doctor Featuring Based on Released
030 Doctor Who and the Hand of Fear Terrance Dicks 4th Sarah The Hand of Fear 18 January 1979
036 Doctor Who and the Invisible Enemy Leela, K9 Mark I The Invisible Enemy 29 March 1979
053 Doctor Who and the Robots of Death Leela, Sandminer robots The Robots of Death 24 May 1979
034 Doctor Who and the Image of the Fendahl Leela, K9 Mark I, Fendahl Image of the Fendahl 26 July 1979
070 Doctor Who and the War Games Malcolm Hulke 2nd Jamie, Zoe, the War Chief The War Games 25 September 1979
021 Doctor Who and the Destiny of the Daleks Terrance Dicks 4th Romana II, Movellans, Daleks, Davros Destiny of the Daleks 20 November 1979
052 Doctor Who and the Ribos Operation Ian Marter Romana I, K9 Mark II, White Guardian The Ribos Operation 11 December 1979

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