Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1978 was again Fourth Doctor-centric. The number of titles dropped from 1977, and both the Second and Third Doctors were a part of the year's novelisations.

Novelisation covers Edit

Reprints and other title covers Edit

Publishing history Edit

MonthTitleWriter / EditorCover Artist
JanuaryDoctor Who and the Face of EvilTerrance DicksJeff Cummins
FebruaryDoctor Who Discovers: The ConquerorsEditor: Fred NewmanJeff Cummins
MarchDoctor Who and the Horror of Fang RockTerrance DicksJeff Cummins
AprilDoctor Who Discovers: Strange and Mysterious CreaturesEditor: Fred NewmanJeff Cummins
AprilReissue: Doctor Who and the Three DoctorsTerrance DicksNew cover: Jeff Cummins
MayDoctor Who and the Tomb of the CybermenGerry DavisJeff Cummins
JuneDoctor Who and the Time WarriorTerrance DicksJeff Cummins
JuneReissue: Doctor Who and the Dinosaur InvasionMalcolm HulkeNew cover: Jeff Cummins
JulyDeath to the DaleksTerrance DicksRoy Knipe
SeptemberReissue: Doctor Who and the Planet of the SpidersTerrance DicksNew cover: Alun Hood
NovemberDoctor Who and the Android InvasionTerrance DicksRoy Knipe
DecemberDoctor Who and the Sontaran ExperimentIan MarterRoy Knipe

Publishing notes Edit

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