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Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1977 was Fourth Doctor-centric. It contained mostly adaptations of stories from the programme's 13th and 14th seasons. It was the first year since 1973 in which no Second Doctor stories were adapted. Finally, the year saw the launch of a whole new range of educational books under the Doctor Who Discovers banner.

Novelisation covers[]

Reprints and other title covers[]

Publishing history[]

Month Title Writer / Editor Cover Artist
January Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters Terrance Dicks Chris Achilleos
February Doctor Who and the Seeds of Doom Philip Hinchcliffe Chris Achilleos
February Doctor Who Discovers: Early Man Editor: Fred Newman Jeff Cummins
March Doctor Who and the Dalek Invasion of Earth Terrance Dicks Chris Achilleos
April Doctor Who and the Claws of Axos Terrance Dicks Chris Achilleos
May Doctor Who and the Ark in Space Ian Marter Chris Achilleos
June Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius Terrance Dicks Mike Little
August Doctor Who and the Planet of Evil Terrance Dicks Mike Little
September Doctor Who and the Mutants Terrance Dicks Jeff Cummins
October Doctor Who and the Deadly Assassin Terrance Dicks Mike Little
October The Second Doctor Who Monster Book Terrance Dicks Chris Achilleos
November Doctor Who and the Talons of Weng-Chiang Terrance Dicks Jeff Cummins
November Doctor Who Discovers: Prehistoric Animals Editor: Fred Newman Jeff Cummins
November Doctor Who Discovers: Space Travel Editor: Fred Newman Jeff Cummins
December Doctor Who and the Masque of Mandragora Philip Hinchcliffe Mike Little

Publishing notes[]

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