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Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1989 slowed slightly compared to the previous three years. Ten novelisations were offered during the year, with the First and Seventh Doctors getting four apiece, while the Sixth Doctor grabbed the remaining two. The centrepiece of the year was likely the two-volume version of The Daleks' Master Plan.

Also, a couple of the so-called "Missing Episodes" of the original Season 23 made their way into print as well, in an unusual case of novelising something which had never been broadcast.


No. Title Author Doctor Featuring Based on Released
135 Delta and the Bannermen Malcolm Kohll 7th Mel Delta and the Bannermen 19 January 1989
136 The War Machines Ian Stuart Black 1st Dodo, Ben, Polly, WOTAN, War Machines The War Machines 16 February 1989
137 Dragonfire Ian Briggs 7th Mel, Ace, Glitz Dragonfire 16 March 1989
138 Attack of the Cybermen Eric Saward 6th Peri, Lytton, Cybermen Attack of the Cybermen 20 April 1989
139 Mindwarp Philip Martin Peri, Sil, the Valeyard Mindwarp 15 June 1989
140 The Chase John Peel 1st Ian, Barbara, Vicki, Steven, Daleks The Chase 20 July 1989
141 Mission to the Unknown Steven, Katarina, Sara, Mavic Chen, Daleks 21 September 1989
142 The Mutation of Time Steven, Sara, The Monk, Mavic Chen, Daleks The Daleks' Master Plan 7-12 19 October 1989
143 Silver Nemesis Kevin Clarke 7th Ace, Cybermen Silver Nemesis 16 November 1989
144 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Stephen Wyatt Ace The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 21 December 1989

Novelisation covers[]


Title Author Doctor Featuring Based on Released
The Nightmare Fair Graham Williams 6th Peri, The Toymaker The Nightmare Fair 18 May 1989
The Ultimate Evil Wally K Daly Peri The Ultimate Evil 17 August 1989

Reprints and other books covers[]

Publishing notes[]

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