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Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1988 for the first time offered a new novelisation each month. As had become usual over the last few years, the stories featured a wide range of Doctors. After a year's absence, the Sixth Doctor returned to the range. Most of The Trial of a Time Lord was published, with the exception of Mindwarp.

Meanwhile the then-current Doctor made his Target debut, alongside releases featuring the First, Second, Third and Fifth Doctors. Midway through the year, Target changed its cover design to give a unified "look" to their line. Accordingly, they switched to the Seventh Doctor's televised logo and gave the tops of the covers black framing elements.


No. Title Author Doctor Featuring Based on Released
124 The Rescue Ian Marter 1st Ian, Barbara, Vicki The Rescue 21 January 1988
125 Terror of the Vervoids Pip and Jane Baker 6th Mel, the Valeyard Terror of the Vervoids 18 February 1988
126 The Time Meddler Nigel Robinson 1st Vicki, Steven, the Monk The Time Meddler 17 March 1988
127 The Mysterious Planet Terrance Dicks 6th Peri, Glitz, the Valeyard The Mysterious Planet 21 April 1988
128 Time and the Rani Pip and Jane Baker 7th Mel, The Rani Time and the Rani 5 May 1988
106 Vengeance on Varos Philip Martin 6th Peri, Sil Vengeance on Varos 16 June 1988
129 The Underwater Menace Nigel Robinson 2nd Ben, Polly, Jamie The Underwater Menace 21 July 1988
130 The Wheel in Space Terrance Dicks Jamie, Zoe, Cybermen The Wheel in Space 18 August 1988
131 The Ultimate Foe Pip and Jane Baker 6th Mel, Glitz, the Master, the Valeyard The Ultimate Foe 15 September 1988
132 The Edge of Destruction Nigel Robinson 1st Susan, Ian, Barbara The Edge of Destruction 20 October 1988
133 The Smugglers Terrance Dicks Ben, Polly The Smugglers 17 November 1988
134 Paradise Towers Stephen Wyatt 7th Mel Paradise Towers 1 December 1988

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