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Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1982 saw the number of new novelisations rise to levels that had been broadly typical in the late 1970s. The Fifth Doctor debuted, although with The Visitation instead of Castrovalva. The other seven novels went to the Fourth Doctor, making 1982 the first year in which none of the first three Doctors were novelised.

1982 was also a year in which no new non-fiction books were published, but one new quiz and puzzle book was published, The Second Doctor Who Quiz Book.


No. Title Author Doctor Featuring Based on Released
058 Doctor Who and the State of Decay Terrance Dicks 4th Romana II, Adric, K9 Mark II, Vampires State of Decay 14 January 1982
071 Doctor Who and Warriors' Gate John Lydecker Romana II, Adric, K9 Mark II Warriors' Gate 15 April 1982
037 Doctor Who and the Keeper of Traken Terrance Dicks Adric, Nyssa, The Master The Keeper of Traken 20 May 1982
039 Doctor Who and the Leisure Hive David Fisher Romana II, K9 Mark II The Leisure Hive 22 July 1982
069 Doctor Who and the Visitation Eric Saward 5th Adric, Nyssa, Tegan The Visitation 19 August 1982
026 Full Circle Andrew Smith 4th Romana II, Adric, K9 Mark II Full Circle 16 September 1982
041 Logopolis Christopher H. Bidmead Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, The Master Logopolis 21 October 1982
060 Doctor Who and the Sunmakers Terrance Dicks Leela, K9 Mark I The Sun Makers 18 November 1982

Novelisation covers[]

Other Books[]

Title Author Released
The Second Doctor Who Quiz Book Nigel Robinson 8 December 1982

Reprints and other books covers[]

Publishing notes[]

  • After a tentative start the previous year, the notion of commissioning the original teleplay writers to pen novelisations entered full force this year (ironically, beginning with Target stalwart Terrance Dicks, this time adapting one of his own scripts, State of Decay).
  • An agreement regarding the use of artistic renderings of Peter Davison for cover art could not be reached, resulting in the decision to resort to using photographic covers for the Fifth Doctor novelisations, which begin publishing this year.