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Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1976 was its most varied to date. Each of the first four Doctors had at least one novelisation that year, with the bulk split evenly between the Third and Fourth Doctors. Target continued to focus on novelising serials with missing episodes from the First and Second Doctors' eras. 1976 also marked Target's first foray into the "educational" market with The Doctor Who Dinosaur Book.


No. Title Author Doctor Featuring Based on Released
040 Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster Terrance Dicks 4th Sarah, Harry, the Brigadier, Benton, Zygons Terror of the Zygons 15 January 1976
022 Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion Malcolm Hulke 3rd Sarah, the Brigadier, Yates, Benton Invasion of the Dinosaurs 19 February 1976
062 Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet Gerry Davis 1st Ben, Polly, Cybermen, Second Doctor The Tenth Planet
033 Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors Brian Hayles 2nd Jamie, Victoria, Ice Warriors The Ice Warriors 18 March 1976
051 The Revenge of the Cybermen Terrance Dicks 4th Sarah, Harry, Cybermen Revenge of the Cybermen 20 May 1976
027 Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks Sarah, Harry, Daleks, Davros Genesis of the Daleks 22 July 1976
072 Doctor Who and the Web of Fear 2nd Jamie, Victoria, Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, Great Intelligence, Robot Yeti The Web of Fear 19 August 1976
057 Doctor Who and the Space War Malcolm Hulke 3rd Jo, Draconians, Ogrons, the Master, Daleks Frontier in Space 23 September 1976
046 Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks Terrance Dicks Jo, Daleks Planet of the Daleks 21 October 1976
050 Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars 4th Sarah, Sutekh Pyramids of Mars 16 December 1976

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Other Books[]

Title Author Released
The Making of Doctor Who Terrance Dicks 16 December 1976
The Doctor Who Dinosaur Book

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