Tardisode 5 was the fifth of the Tardisode series of mini-episode prologues to Doctor Who series 2. This Tardisode was a prelude to the episode Rise of the Cybermen.

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A mission briefing from Gemini calls all Preacher agents into action. It describes Cybus Industries, John Lumic, the head of Cybus Industries, and his latest "upgrade" — the Cybermen. It also tells how thousands of people have gone missing. The briefing ends, and the laptop it was playing on is closed by Ricky Smith (Mickey's counterpart on the parallel Earth), who drives away in a van just as an advertisement for Cybus Industries is heard on the radio, announcing: "Coming soon, the ultimate upgrade"...

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Production notes[edit | edit source]

  • Noel Clarke makes his second Tardisode appearance, this time as Ricky Smith. He was the only core cast member to appear in the webcasts.
  • This minisode features the very first appearance of the Preachers emblem — a spray-painted circle with a "P" drawn inside. The graffiti continues to appear long after the Preachers have completed their work and disbanded, even echoing into N-Space. (TV: Captain Jack Harkness)

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