The rules apply to you, even if you didn't vote on them. And while a discussion is ongoing about how to change a particular rule, you are bound by the rule as it currently exists.

While we encourage participation by the whole community whenever we make a new rule, existing rules apply to you even if you weren't a part of the discussion that created them. You can't just ignore a rule because you didn't realise a discussion was ongoing or because you weren't even a member of our community when the rule was created. Neither can you ignore a rule simply because you've opened up a discussion that might lead to changing that rule.

Until and unless a rule is actually changed, you are bound by the rule as it currently reads. Do not take action based upon your proposal, nor allege that a rule couldn't possibly apply to you because you weren't able to discuss it. 

We've been around since 2004. If we allowed people to "opt out" of rules simply because they didn't help write them, most of our rules wouldn't apply to anyone. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that every rule will be discussed by the community.

This policy does not apply to rules which have been vandalised. Since it is site policy that only admin (or their assignees) write policy, only admin can determine whether a rule has been vandalised, or otherwise unofficially changed, so that it no longer reflects a valid, "current state".

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