Every unique noun in an article that can be wikified should be wikified. As long as the noun is mentioned in a valid source, an article can be written about it. Minor subjects are okay here; articles should not be deleted simply because they're short.

When you wikify a word, you enclose it in double brackets, creating a link to another article.

[[This is how you wikify]]

By clear community consensus, there's no such thing as an article that's "too small" or "too insignificant". If a noun appears in a narrative we cover, it almost certainly deserves its own article here.

Thus, when writing articles, you should never assume "there isn't an aritcle about that on this wiki". Test words by starting with two brackets and the first few letters of your word. The auto-suggest feature will pop up and reveal whether we have an article with that name.

For instance, you might not think there is an article called Glasses because it's such a mundane word. But if you type [[Gla in the editing window, you'll get a ton of words beginning with "Gla". Sure enough, we do indeed have an article called Glasses. Click on "Glasses" and it's instantly wikified.

When using the auto completion feature, however, make sure you capitalise the resulting link as the context of the sentence requires. For example, in most instances, you'll want glasses, not Glasses.

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