If our definition of "spoiler" doesn't work for you, here are some additional ways you can avoid spoilers on this wiki.

Do you want to use Tardis, but are extremely spoiler-phobic? Do we define spoiler in more liberally than you would like? If so, here are some tips for how to use Tardis more conservatively.

Avoiding spoilers in Discussions

Finding the on/off switches for Discussions categories on mobile devices

Want to avoid spoilers in Discussions? Turn off the "FANDOM posts" category.

FANDOM staff use the "FANDOM posts" category of our Discussions area to post stories about Doctor Who that have been curated by its Editorial group.

If you want to avoid these posts, just untick the category. It'll stop the flow of that category when you're using Discussions.

However, you should carefully consider whether you want to do this. FANDOM posts many fun things that do not contain spoilers. And what spoilers there are tend to be either massive ones that are carried in the mainstream press — or things that are completely obvious to Doctor Who fans.