Spoilers are precisely defined here. Rules vary by the story's medium. Info from television stories can't be added here until after the top or bottom of the hour, British time, closest to the end credits roll on BBC One. Therefore, fans in the Americas who are sensitive to spoilers should avoid Tardis on Sundays until they've seen the episode.


In order to ensure that we have the most copyright-compliant videos possible on our site, users are no longer allowed to upload videos to this site.

There are no exceptions to this rule. The information below this box has been preserved, but no longer applies to non-admins.

But you still have a very important role to play in improving our video library! If you've found a video that's compliant with this policy, but one which we don't currently have at Special:Videos, by all means please provide a url to it at Tardis:Video recommendations.

Our video policy governs the use of video on this site. The text at {{good video}}, category:videos and videos compliant with our video policy serve as adjuncts to this policy.

The basic rule is this:

Only videos uploaded by the copyright holder or official licensee may be used on any article pages, talk pages or forum pages.

If the video was not uploaded by BBC Worldwide, one of its subsidiaries or another copyright holding entity (such as Big Finish Productions), it will be removed from the article page and deleted from this wiki. The user who posted the video to our wiki will almost certainly be blocked.

We have zero tolerance for inappropriately uploaded videos. Prior to being blocked, you may receive a warning for uploading inappropriate videos — but don't count on it. Almost no other single policy violation carries with it quite the same stiffness of punishment.

Technical limitations

Due to technical restrictions, video names cannot include the following three characters:


If you try, the system will automatically substitute a hyphen, such that

Series 7 Trailer#1
will become
Series 7 Trailer-1


Like anything else on this wiki, videos are subject to our spoiler policy. This means that you cannot upload a video about something which has not been officially released in its entirety. Therefore, even if the preview to the next episode of Doctor Who is released on the BBC's official YouTube channel, it cannot be uploaded here until after the episode has had its global premiere.

Similarly, titles of videos uploaded cannot contain spoilers, as defined by this wiki. To use an historical example, it would have been forbidden to have uploaded a video that contained primarily footage of River Song prior to the release of A Good Man Goes to War with the title, "Amy's daughter".

Amateur footage

Amateur footage, non-official behind the scenes footage, "spoiler footage" and any other form of footage that may or may not contain spoilers or behind the scenes information will also be removed.

Fan video

The implication of the above two sections is fairly obvious, but, for the sake of clarity, it's worth tackling directly. Fictional fan videos are therefore not allowed here. There are other wikis out there for your great new Doctor Who fan video. We, however, are not here to help promote your unlicensed fan video, even on your user page, even on your blog. If you want to link to your fan video on your blog or user pages, of course you may. But you may not embed your video here, as it's simply a copyright nightmare that we don't want to ever be forced to defend.

Region-locked video

Region-locked video is pointless to upload, since this site has a global audience. It will be removed, but users who upload region-locked video will not be subject to punishment for doing so, as it is sometimes difficult to tell that a video is region locked.

Music videos

We have a number of pages about real world songs on this wiki. Music videos may be uploaded for these pages, but only under the following circumstances:

  1. The video comes from an official channel of the rights-holder
  2. The version of the song is, to the best possible reckoning, the same one used in the DWU source

Rule #2 shall not apply to traditional songs -- that is, those that have passed out of copyright. Nevertheless, because it is possible to copyright a peformance of a traditional song, rule #1 still applies to them.

Links to videos

With the exception of links from the user and user blog namespaces to videos you have personally created, you may not link to videos, period. If the video is allowed by policy, then you should upload and display it on the page. If the video is not allowed by policy, then you can't simply provide a link to it in an effort to get around policy. Penalties for linking are no less severe than uploading, because "uploading" videos to Fandom is really just embedding a link.

Compliant videos

To see videos that are present on this wiki and that comply with our video policy see our videos compliant with our video policy category. Users who upload a video and know it is compliant with the policies outlined above should add {{good video}} to their video pages.

Penalties for violation of this policy

The consequences of circumventing this policy are severe, and are in part informed by our blocking policy. However, violations of this policy have extremely serious implications for the running of this site. We cannot be seen to jeopardise the commercial interests of the BBC or any other entity that helps to create the DWU. There is always the potential that the BBC or another entity might attempt to curtail our activities in defense of their copyright interests.

For this reason, you may get a warning on your first offense — but don't count on it. Expect any blocks handed out, especially for repeat offenders, to be on the order of months, not days. Permanent blocking will most certainly occur on your third offense — but the admins reserve the right to extend the opportunity for you to leave our community before you get to your third strike.

That said, understand that there is a ton of video out there which is perfectly in compliance with our policy. We do want to leverage the power of video on this site. We simply need to use material which is clearly sanctioned by the copyright holders and/or licensees.