We don't really have many userboxes here. But we're not opposed to them.

Userboxes — that is, small, templated messages indicating something about a user's preferences or abilities — started on Wikipedia. They then spread to other wikis, including many in the Wikia network.

We here at Tardis aren't opposed to userboxes, but neither are they a particularly important part of most user pages here. We've therefore never created much in the way of formal rules about them.

However we insist that userboxes be:

Furthermore, if your userbox automatically applies a category to whatever user page it's put on, the resulting category can only be under category:users. For instance, lets say you put the userbox {{user de-1}} onto GingerM. This would place Ginger into category:User de-1, which itself ultimately is under category:users.

Userboxes should not be confused with {{Infobox User}}. Infoboxes give several points of information. Userboxes deliver only one.
Userbox Infobox
Not Out This user prefers that his Doctors know how to play cricket.
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