Please put nominations (including self-nominations) for special user rights below. Do so by using the following format. Please cut and paste the entirety of this format, and put it underneath the most recent nominee in the section. Where the format says "UserName", please ensure you change it to their actual user name.

:'''The rationale for nominating this user is:'''
:'''Please outline the reasons you support this nomination below:''' 
:'''Why do you oppose this nomination?'''
:'''Feeling lukewarm about this user?  Tell us why.'''
====Comments and concerns====
:'''Do you have specific concerns about this user that are getting in the way of you making up your mind?  Leave them here for the nominee to address.'''  To the nominee: failure to respond to comments left here may weigh against you when it comes time to close the nomination.

Adjustments may be made for special circumstances, but in general there will be at least a one week comment period.

See How do I become an admin? for additional questions and information on administrator roles on the Tardis Data Core Doctor Who Wiki. For more general information about becoming an administrator see Community Central - Tips for becoming an admin

For more information on on these roles see Help:User access levels. Special:Listusers/sysop shows the current admins, bureaucrats and staff IDs.

Admins Edit

An administrator has special responsibilities to watch over the wiki. In order to make it easier to fulfill those responsibilities, and admin can block user IDs or IP edits, protect pages and revert pages more easily.


Bureaucrats Edit

A bureaucrat has the same rights as an administrator and the additional permission to create new administrators and bureaucrats.


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