Spoilers are precisely defined here. Rules vary by the story's medium. Info from television stories can't be added here until after the top or bottom of the hour, British time, closest to the end credits roll on BBC One. Therefore, fans in the Americas who are sensitive to spoilers should avoid Tardis on Sundays until they've seen the episode.


You can mostly put up whatever images you want on your user page. But we are concerned about the number, size and correct licensing of those images.

A user image is an image which is only used on a user page, user talk page or a user signature.

A user image is not:

  • any image which appears on a user page or user signature It's possible to use pictures on your user page which appear on other pages around the wiki. To put it into concrete terms, a picture of you is a user image, because it won't appear on another page of the wiki —  unless you happen to have worked on a Doctor Who-related project. A simple screenshot of the First Doctor is likely not a user image — unless you have heavily altered it.
  • an avatar image Avatar images appear to the left of your name on your user page. Avatar images are held on the wikia, not the tardis.wikia, domain. They follow you around regardless of the particular wiki you're on. We here at Tardis have no power to regulate them.
  • an image you have uploaded to demonstrate a technical problem on the wiki Sometimes, things go wrong on the wiki. In such instances, we want you to feel free to upload images which demonstrate whatever technical problems you're having. Even though these images may reside on your user talk page, or an admin's, these are not user images.
  • images you currently have in a sandbox subpage of your user page Sometimes, editors create a sandbox on a subpage of their user page, so that they can work on articles or templates they intend to later upload to a different namespace. They may have a picture on such a page which is destined to be in normal article space or template space, but which isn't there yet. Such pictures aren't user images. For instance, if I'm rewriting Steven Taylor on a subpage of my user page, I might put some pictures of Steven there which don't yet appear elsewhere on the wiki. These aren't user images, despite being located in the user namespace, because I never intended them to adorn my user page.

License required

A user image must bear a license template, like all pictures on this site. It is important to publicly acknowledge the copyright holder for the image. Thus it must bear a license like {{screenshot}}, {{BBC DVD cover}}, {{PD}} or {{PD GFDL}}. When you upload any image, there's a drop-down menu which appears at the bottom left of the page. Just choose one of those licenses.

However, you should take greater care with user images than other images. Because user images aren't actually being used in to illustrate a concept academically, it is extremely unlikely that their usage constitutes fair use as understood by international law. We reserve the right to delete any user images that we feel aren't "fair use". In general, it's better that user images be your own work or public domain images.

In addition to a copyright license, all user pages must bear {{user image}}. This helps us keep user images separate from other images. This is important, because user images don't have to be related to the Doctor Who universe, whereas most other pictures do. Putting {{user image}} on your picture prevents mistaken deletion.

Size and number

Each individual user may upload no more than 3 user images. The total file-size of these three images cannot exceed 500 KB. It is strongly suggested that the individual file size not exceed 100 KB.

If you exceed hit or exceed the 3-image limit, you will be informed and given the opportunity to mark whichever photos you'd like with the {{delete}} flag. If you fail to mark a picture for deletion within one week of being notified, and you have actually exceeded the 3-image boundary, the admin staff will delete the most recently-uploaded pictures which exceed your limit.

For example, you upload pictures A, B and C on a Wednesday, the first of the month. You are immediately informed that you are at the user image maximum. On Friday the third, you upload pictures D and E. By Thursday the ninth, though, you've not placed the {{delete}} tag on any of your pictures. One of our admin then comes by and deletes pictures D and E, because they're the latest pictures, and therefore the ones that put you afoul of our policy.

Content restrictions

User images do not have to be about the Doctor Who universe. However, non-DWU user images must still be properly licensed and be "safe for work". They may not contain nudity, excessive gore, or other content which would be likely to disturb or offend other users. Because we do not censor material from the DWU, images which depict nudity, sex or gore — but which come from an officially licensed DWU story — are allowed. Put simply, the naked breasts seen on the pinup around Tito's bunk in The Tenth Planet are allowed on your user page. But the naked breasts of this week's page 3 girl aren't.

Our administrative staff will delete non-compliant pictures at any time, without warning. Pictures which are actually illegal in the United States where the Fandom servers are housed — such as, but not limited to, child pornography — may earn you a permanent ban, and will be sent on to Fandom for further processing.

For more on this wiki's somewhat complicated views on content restrictions, please see our page for parents and T:NOT SFW.

Your own work

While you are encouraged to upload your own work as a user image, it's important to remember what that means. All content uploaded to a Fandom wiki is effectively released into a particular type of public domain. This means you are likely giving up at least some revenue which you might be able to derive from your own work by uploading it here. Please consider very carefully the risk to your own financial interests posed by a Fandom upload. (See Fandom:Licensing for precise details.)


As discussed above, avatar images are not hosted at this wiki, and therefore aren't strictly under our jurisdiction. However, if you place an image there which violates our content restrictions, above, we will request that you remove it. If you don't remove it, we will refer the matter to a Fandom staff member. For more information about avatars, please see this help page.