Images should not have their parameters defined. That means, when creating a thumbnail or a standalone image, a specific size - such as 200px - should not be entered.

This is for a number of reasons, some of which are:

  • The issues that arise where one medium is given prominence over another. Prose is just as valid as TV which is just as valid as comics, and so on.
  • The problems that arise when performing bot maintenance.
  • With Wikia becoming ever more popular on the go, it can also create issues on more delicate devices.

To provide a bot-friendly way to create images at 250px, there now exists a template, {{first pic}}, that will create a thumbnail at this parameter, aligned to the right-hand side.

It is to be used only for the first picture on an article. If the article has an infobox, this template should not be used as a 250px image is produced already within infoboxes. The images that follow should not have their parameters defined.

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