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We don't have articles about the individual incarnations of the Master. If you want to link to a specific part of the article about the Master, the easiest way is through one of the Master templates, like {{Delgado}}, {{Ainley}} or {{Simm}}.

It has been agreed that there's no definitive way to label the "different" versions of the Master seen in Doctor Who fiction. Since this wiki treats all media as equally valid, then Roger Delgado, Peter Pratt, Geoffrey Beevers and Anthony Ainley — and maybe even Eric Roberts — are all playing the same incarnation. Equally, there is dispute over whether there's a difference between John Simm in Last of the Time Lords and Simm in The End of Time.

Therefore, there will be only one article about the Master.

If you wish to link to a specific part of the Master's long history, then you can use one of these templates:

Note that Legacy of the Daleks makes it explicitly and unambiguously clear that the "crispy" version played by Pratt and Beevers is merely an injured Delgado — not a different incarnation. Consequently, the template {{Delgado}} refers to all appearances of the Master set between the novel The Dark Path and the final moments of The Keeper of Traken.

Examples of template use

All of the above templates have exactly the same features and usage instructions. They can be used to create links that look like "the Master", "The Master" or "whatever you want". In the following example, take note of the effect of adding additional parameters after a pipe (|):

{{Delgado|c}} who had primarily tangled with the [[Third Doctor]] fused with [[Tremas]] to get {{Ainley|n=a new body}}.  What no one on [[Earth]] could realise was that one day the [[Prime Minister of the United Kingdom]] would be yet another version of {{Simm}}. 
renders as

The Master who had primarily tangled with the Third Doctor fused with Tremas to get a new body. What no one on Earth could realise was that one day the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom would be yet another version of the Saxon Master.