Generally, we base our spelling on British dictionaries. Occasionally, however, we have discussions about particular words. This page lists specific words whose spelling we've decided by discussion

We don't debate every spelling decision. We don't even debate most spelling decisions. But those we do are listed below. Note that sometimes spelling decisions confirm the obvious dictionary choice, and sometimes they don't.

This list is complete as of January 2017. It may not be complete at the time you read it. You may want to check Board:Spelling debates for the most up-to-date list.

Spelling choice Correct Enforced by bot? Discussion link
Adviser vs. advisor Both correct no here
Alternate vs. alternative Both correct no here
Artifact vs. artefact Artefact yes, with specific exceptions here
Carsenome vs. Carsinome Both, but Carsenome is the only spelling in a narrative no here
Chequers vs. Checkers Both, but you should try to use chequers if you mean draughts or chequered if you mean a type of pattern. Other uses of "checkers", as in people who check things, are correct in the UK, making it pretty difficult to use a bot to enforce the -que- spelling no here
Encyclopaedia or encyclopedia Both correct, depending on context no here
K9 vs. K-9 K9 yes, with specific exceptions here and here
Manoptican vs. Manopticon Manopticon Yes, but there's currently no need. here
Organisation vs. Organization Organisation yes, with specific exceptions here
Timonic vs. Timeonic Timonic no here
Vitreous vs. vitrious time Vitreous yes, but currently no need here
Whiskey vs. Whisky Both, but whisky is generally assumed correct no here
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